Should I be scared? unsettling coincidences in my 'hood

This is just too weird:

Sunday afternoon, Aug. 12, a lady who lives across the street from me, was taken away in an ambulance. Today, my mom talked to one the neighbors, and learned that lady is dying of terminal cancer and probably has a couple weeks to live, tops, if that. I would say the cancer lady is in her early sixties.

We also learned some more startling facts from the informative neighbor:

Tuesday night, Aug. 14, the lady who lives right next door to the cancer lady, died. We didn’t learn what from. She wasn’t very old, maybe mid-forties.

The man who lives next door to me, and across the street from the two women, is dying of cirrhosis of the liver and has 6 months to live. He is in his mid-forties.

Using the diagram below to illustrate the homes on my street, I’ll show just how close proximity everyone is to one another.

1ABCDE (north side)
2ABCDE (south side)

1D = deceased lady (Aug. 14)
1E = terminal cancer lady (Aug. 12)
2A = My house
2B = cirrhosis man
2C = informant

Seems the Grim Reaper has taken a fancy to my street. I can’t help but wonder who is next. :::shudder:::

I know that the lady in 1C isn’t in very good health. She could be one of the next to go.

:frowning: I don’t really know my neighbors very well, but all of this is just … disturbing.

Be afraid, be very afraid.

I’d move.

I think we require more data here.

How many people live in the 10 houses in total? If there were originally, say, 40 people of whom 1 has died so far, this still leaves 39 living occupants. Remove the terminal cancer lady, the cirrhosis gentleman and the occupant of 1C from the equation and you still have 36.

Even if your street is Doomed, the chances of you being next are 35-1. Roughly the same odds as one specific number coming up at roulette. Now I know this happens from time to time but not that often. I know you see it in movies (Casablanca, Thunderball etc) and I did read in the paper recently that, er…

Well anyway, good luck!

MSK, I’d head on out to Michigan City and get yerself on the Blue Chip. Might as well go down a’gamblin’!

for Dr. Schadenfreude

1ABCDE (north side)
2ABCDE (south side)

number of occupants / approx ages

1A = 2 / 70+ ea
1B = 1 / 70+
1C = 2 / 70+ ea
1D = ??? (both homeowners deceased)
1E = 2 / 60+ ea (cancer lady’s husband only one there now)

2A = 2 / 31 me, 58 mother
2B = 1 / 40+ (cirrhosis man)
2C = 2 / 70+ old lady, 50+ disabled son
2D = 2 / 50+
2E = 2 / 30+

Hmmmm. I’m inclined to agree with Little Bird.

MagicalSilverKey, you leave near some really old people. Old people tend to die.

I think you’re safe. In fact, I’ll give it a Barbarian-stamped guarantee.

But if the Grim Reaper come for one of the old folks and they’re not home, maybe he’ll knock at 2C.

Don’t answer the door.

Just don’t eat that Salmon and you should be ok.


I’d start brushing up on my chess if I were you.

Don’t forget to practice Battleship and Twister in case Death wants to go best 3 out of 5, or something.

Has Erin Brockovich been talking to anyone in your neighborhood lately?

Maybe YOU are just bad luck for your neighbors. Maybe it is them who she be afraid.

Nope, but if she is as hot as Julia Roberts was in the movie, woo woo woo !!! :::Tex Avery cartoon wolf moment::: She can knock at my door anytime. :smiley:

What is the rent on the place. I presume it’s available.

The local obituaries said the woman in “1D” was 58 and died of “natural causes” but not what specifically.

Today’s (Aug. 19th) newspaper says the lady with cancer died on the Friday the 17th. She was 55.

Only three days had passed since her next door neighbor died at age 58.