Should I change the spelling of my name?

This fall, when I file for divorce, I have the opportunity to change my name. I’ve already decided to take my birth name back, but I’m trying to decide if I want to change the spelling of my first name from “Robin” to “Robyn”.

So, what should I do? I know it’s a relatively trivial change, but I am interested in y’all’s opinion.

Robin (or is it Robyn?)

Make it “Rahbihn”. You know, so people will know where you’re coming from.

I say go for the “y”. ‘Robin’ seems so…ordinary.

Howzabout Rawbyn? :slight_smile:

Robyn makes you sound like a Netherlander. I always read it as Robijn.

Eet smakelijk!

Raymond Luxury-Yacht.

Okay, well, let me put in a vote for Robin. If you feel pretty much the same towards both names, my vote is to go with the more traditional spelling. Non-traditional spellings can count against you in certain kinds of jobs, and they have a definite image that you may not always want to carry.

However, the advantage of Robyn, as compared to Robin, is that it really clears up the sex of the name; it’s unlikely you’d ever be mistaken for a guy if your name was spelled Robyn.

Jeez. Now I can’t even decide which one to vote for. This is indeed a thorny issue, MsRob?n.

Robin. I don’t really like weird spellings.

I dunno…I like Robyn.
Yeah :slight_smile:


I have always known you as MsRobyn (after the name change from msrobyn) first and Robin second.

Robin suits you just fine, IMO:)