Should I pay for LiveJournal?

I started a LiveJournal but soon found out that I can’t post pictures or videos unless I pay for an account. I think it’s only about $20 a year so it’s not the money. I just wonder if it’s a safe place to give my credit card info to. Also wondering if I’ll be inundated with spam if I sign up.

Anyone have a paid LiveJournal? Is there something else that people use these days rather than LiveJournal?

"Is there something else that people use these days rather than LiveJournal? "

Facebook/Twitter. Those formats don’t allow users to go on at length but that’s not necessarily a negative.

I have facebook but not twitter. I kind of wanted something a bit more personal and somewhere I could be a bit anonymous.

Check out Dreamwidth. Not sure what their pricing and picture policies are, but it’s a code fork of LJ, and there are things about it I like a little better.

You can put pictures on tumblr or imgur and then link to them from dw/lj. Kind of messy, but cheap.

Just get a free blog.

I did this. Thanks!

I have written at My for almost 10 years now. Nice, friendly community there, you can have multiple journals, post pictures, I love it. Go check it out!

Tumblr is getting big. I love it.

Thank you, I’m going to check it out!

Does Tumblr allow bloggers to upload photos and videos?


If you do go with My Journal, my journal there is called Dog Daze, and my user name is PapSett. Let me know if you do start one there and I’ll favorite you!

You can use photobucket to store pictures and videos, and link to them in your LJ posts. It works well and is free.

Yeah. You can either upload directly from your computer or link to a url. Insanely easy, under the “video” or “picture” tab.

It’s actually better for that than LJ is.

Last time I paid for LJ it was safe, but Americans and Britons are abandoning it in droves. I haven’t used it in months, and apparently haven’t missed much from people I know.

I have (and still use) a paid LJ account, and have never had any problems as far as credit card security is concerned, for what it’s worth.

I keep a paid LJ and no credit card problems (well, before I switched over to Paypal for payments, anyway). I’ve been there over 10 years, I don’t really feel like picking up and moving anywhere, especially since most of my peeps crosspost between Dreamwidth/Wordpress to LJ and maintain both that and tumblr for different content.

I haven’t had a free LJ in forever - they seriously disable embedding now? Or do they just make it less easy? I can’t believe they’d strip out img and embed tags.

LJ paid account for over 10 years now. Have never had any issues whatsoever.

Yeah, go with Tumblr. LiveJournal was the thing I was trying to think of to say that Tumblr is replacing, rather than Facebook, as some people seem to think.

Ummm posted to my LJ yesterday with pictures and it’s free.

FloatyGimpy, maybe you are looking at the scrapbook feature?

Posting pics is easy: <img src=“URLHERE”> and the pic will show on your journal entry.