Gods help me, I just PAID for a livejournal.

Well, I knew this was coming eventually, ever since about Day Three of my having the account. It’s great. I use it for writing practice, Vogon Poetry, jokes, funny and/or interesting stuff that happened to me, and occasional attention whoring. (Wouldn’t be a livejournal without it.)

And I got pretty fed up of always getting timed out. The concept of paying for stuff that technically doesn’t exist is still kind of weird to me. But heck, I paid for my site and that was a lot more expensive.

May I introduce http://daowajan.livejournal.com .

Why would you pay for a LiveJournal when you can get a DeadJournal for free?


-needs to write in it more-


I’m addicted

I’ve had the account for a couple of months

It was totally worth it

I don’t know anyone with a deadjournal.

Please, give us lots of disclaimers before presenting Vogon poetry. I don’t want to go insane, or whatever it is that people do when they hear Vogon poetry. :slight_smile:

Don’t worry, the Vogon poetry is safely buried in locked entries. Not because I’m afraid of people stealing it and presenting it as their own, but because I’m afraid of people stealing it and unleashing it on the general public.

I have a livejournal too. It’s pretty spiffy.

Mine’s also a paid account. I also have a paid EZBoard.

You can have a LiveJournal for free too. A paid account is entirely optional. However, you do get certain incentives to pay, like faster servers, more user pics, etc. That makes sense, because if you got exactly the same service for free, no one would pay.

Don’t you have to get a code to get a LiveJournal? I know I did.

These days you do. In the olden days you didn’t. And if you pay for an account you don’t need a code.

-OpalCat, LJ user 4799

I’m thinking about coughing up the bucks for the upgrade. I love my LJ and I’ve had it for a bit, over a year I think, and I still love it.

But I’m poor and whenever I think of the flow involvd I discover that I could buy things like rent or phone bills with that money.