Should I remove this mole?

Picture of me and the mole I’ve had all my life

Picture with mole photoshopped away.

Which looks better? I’m going to have some moles removed, and I wondered if I should remove this one also. I’ve had it all my life and sometimes I think it “defines” me. On the other hand, I’m not Cindy Crawford (a beautiful woman with just one mole) and I have plenty of other imperfections to define me just fine without that mole. Also, it is ugly and sprouts hairs and I need to shave it, blegh.

Since you’re looking for opinions, I’ll move this to IMHO.

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Have it removed. And if while you are there they discover a second mole that the Dr suggests really needs to go, listen to him/her.

What are the chances of scarring? I have a small, nearly colorless mole near my eyebrow. When I talked to a dermatologist about removal he asked which would bug me more, a little mole or potentially a scar? I decided to leave it alone.

Call me unobservant, but the two photos look identical. Is the second link correct?

A) No, this isn’t a come-on but ------ I opened both pictures and for the life of me I can’t see any difference. I see a couple tiny somethings that could be moles but they are in both pictures.

B) This is in part a come-on ----- in either case/picture I would be more than willing to ruin a marriage with you. Or two. Or two and a motel room in Lima Ohio. The Hades with Cindy Crawford, you’re cute!

I just had 2 moles removed during a surgery for something else. One was on my temple and the other on the back of my neck.

I didn’t even bother asking the surgeon to get rid of the one next to my eye (about 1" above where the one on your cheek is) or the one above my eyebrow. Like you I sort of feel like they “define” me. I might get them done someday, but I didn’t worry about it. The ones I got rid of were the ones that were too noticeable and gross.

That was my thought as well.

Ask about whether it might come back, first. I had two colorless raised moles removed from around my mouth. They didn’t scar, but came back colored and only slightly raised. :smack:

I’ve had several removed from the back of my neck too, Zip. They catch my necklaces and my children when they were little always picked at them! Ouch! One seems to have come back, too. :mad:

Both links go to the exact same picture.

Your Photoshop skills suck.

No, but the mole-less picture takes about a second or two to load. In the meantime, you see the mole-ed one.

Humm - I still can’t see a difference and I left it up for about 10 minutes.

That being said, I didn’t see any moles that looked horrific. I suppose if you’re getting some taken off anyway you might want to get it removed, but if it’s on your face you will likely have a scar in it’s place, which I’m not sure is an improvement.

Is it the one of your left cheekbone? If so, I think it looks kind of cute, but the pic doesn’t really show it close enough to determine if it’s Cindy Crawford cute or Evil Stepmother nasty. If it’s huge and hairy, I would probably give it the chop.

I also couldn’t tell a difference in the pictures, but will say this, Maastricht you are beautiful the way you are! I don’t see anything in that picture I would get rid of :slight_smile:

It looks really cute in that picture, a fortunately placed beauty mark. But since you say it’s ugly and grows hair, I vote remove it.

The page is completely loaded and I’m getting the same picture. Also, if you check the address on the picture, it is identical.

I’d say based on picture number one, I need no photo shopped picture to suggest it be removed. It’s cheap and easy so I would do it.

Best poster name / quote ever!!! :smiley:

I have a similar mole, and I don’t even see it any longer - it’s just part of my look. That said, if you think it’s ugly, it shouldn’t be too hard to get it taken off.

Same picture here. Anyhow, I think the mole looks fine. I wouldn’t touch it.