Should Indiana Jones continue?

Everyone knows that a fourth Indy film has been in the works for a long time now. I even read recently that Harrison Ford said that he wouldn’t mind if someone new took over the role. I find this to be blasphemous, even if it is from Indiana Jones himself. Probably even more because it is from him. There is only one Indy.

I feel that they probably should have stopped with Raiders of the Lost Ark, but I can’t help hoping that one more great Indy film is still out there. What do you think? Is Harrison too old for another go? Are you into a digital Indiana Jones adventure? Should they leave well enough alone?

As much as I love those films and the films like them, Ford is just getting too damn old to do it.

Not that it matters anyway, because it seems like they’re never going to decide on a script they like. It’s not like they’ve been sitting on a perfectly good idea for 10 yearsCoughFateofAtlantisCough

Harrison Ford is much too old.
But I don’t think I have *too[/]> much of a problem of them having another Indiana Jones. After all I didn’t mind that young Indiana Jones was never played by Harrison Ford. And why? Because Ford was waaay too old to play the part. As is now.

However, I do have a problem with them making another Indiana Jones. It’d be like making another Back to the Future, some things you just don’t mess with.
They need to make a new game though. Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s Tomb is almost the best game I have ever played. I want a new one dammit.

It’s not that Harrison Ford is too old to play Indy - it’s that he hasn’t delivered a good performance since 1989. Why would I want to see the glum, dull old turd he’s become play one of my favorite movie characters?

Maybe Ally McBeal can play the love interest!

Raiders was not the final film, it was the first film. Last Crusade was the final in the trilogy.

Well, maybe he only liked the first one.

But man, the third one was COOL! :cool:

I even liked the bastard second film.

She’d be better-suited to play the whip!


Heck, set the movie after the war, with Indy fighting the KBG to keep Joe Stalin’s grubby mitts off of some artifact grabbed by the Soviets from Berlin, or something.

Actually, if Sean Connery can kick ass at 75 ( he was actually 59 when he played Henry Jones Sr., Ford was 47 at the time), why couldn’t Harrison Ford do it now at 63?
And there sure as hell has been more than one Indy: I count to at least five.

Ford can pass for 55, and I guess he’s supposed to be 35 in the original movies. Throw him ito the cold war sputnik era, with red China looking for an artifact to put the first man in orbit, competing with the Russkies and the Americans.

Then again, I think Ford has been boring forever. Yes, even as Han Solo in the first movie. He’s never been acting, he just shows up with a scowl or a smirk, which is his total range.

I don’t see why not.

George Lucas has abundantly demonstrated that he can return to an old franchise and revive it with the same magic that made the original series so beloved in the first place. :smiley:

I like it, but whatever Indy’s looking for has to have some tie-in with a major world religion (in Raiders it was Judaism, in Temple it was Hinduism, and in Crusade it was Christianity).

It it was me, I’d set it in either post-war Tibet (where Indy has to keep a tooth of the Buddha out of the hands of the People’s Liberation Army) or in 1953 Iran (where Indy has to rescue a sacred relic containing a hair from the beard of the Prophet so it won’t be used for nefarious purposes by the corrupt Pahlevi regime and the CIA).

Or set in 1969, where a 90 year old Indy has to keep a badass Harley out of the hands of the Church of Satan!

Peter Fonda to co-star.

I really want one more Indiana Jones film. There are several reasons to make it, and several reasons to not.

First of all, it has to be Harrison Ford or bust. Indiana Jones cannot exist like James Bond. The title Indiana Jones is much more than a secret agent code or a costume. Indiana is Indiana, period, whther he be named after the dog or not. Trying to pass of a different actor as the main role, IMHO, would be suicide.

Connery is getting old. If they’re going to include him, (which I think they should) they better get their ass on the ball. He’s just as important to the story as Indy (Ford) is to me, but the man has lived a long life and had a wonderful career. Get him involved, get his work, give him his paycheck, and let him live his life. Some of these actors you don’t have 20 years to debate about the subject with, which some companies seem to think that they do. Give us a 4th movie, end your quadrilogy with a bang and let us all talk about how friggin great your movies were. That’s all you need to do.

Everyone is expecting Atlantis. I say: hell yes! It’s going to either have to be that or something to do with the Illuminati. I would much prefer Atlantis. It’s the ultimate fantasy/fiction adventure story propaganda giant (aside from the Templars, but that was handled in Last Crusade.)

So: come on! Give us one more great movie to remember. The Indiana Jones movies are a rare breed in the trilogy category. There is no suckitude. All three movies are solid, have comedy and history, decent acting and great affects. If they can get one more movie out without pissing off the majority of fans, then I declare Indiana Jones to be the best series ever, as it will have more fans than critics for an entire 4 movies. How rare is that in moviedom? It’s unheard of, in my opinion.

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