Should the female partner be a "princess"?

My sister put the idea in my wife’s head that she could be a princess… but I didn’t like the idea. Later I said that it meant that the wife would be stuck up and always expect exceptional treatment. I’d rather they appreciate special treatment.

Nobody should get better or preferential treatment in a relationship, bar kindnesses for special situations (getting the door for your spouse with a broken arm, making dinner for your spouse with a looming deadline, whatever).

I mean, unless both people are into that in a dom/sub sort of way, but in that case since it’s consensual both parties are sort of equal in that they’re bothing getting what they want for the most part.

Though I’m not sure if that’s what you’re getting at without a lot more explanation or context.

yeah that’s what I mean

BTW sometimes girls get pants or tops that say “Princess” on them… and there are guys that put girls on a pedestal…

It’s already pretty clear that women expect exceptional treatment.

Not all women… e.g. like my wife. She expects respect though.

Overgeneralization FTW!

I don’t think the ‘‘princess’’ thing is really good to reinforce. Wanting respect is one thing; expecting to be waited on hand and foot is another. The ideal relationship to me is one that is egalitarian. What that means pragmatically is going to vary from relationship to relationship. For us it means splitting the housework, reviewing our accounts and making financial decisions as a team, and taking turns compromising when we don’t see eye to eye on things.

I think the kind of women that expect to be treated like a princess have a distorted view of relationships and are confusing preferential treatment with respect.

Princess? No. Duchess? Maybe.

Both partners should expect and get “exceptional” treatment. Marriage is a 70/70 partnership. My Wife is the acknowledged queen of the house, and I defer to her. She recognizes me to be the Captain, and defers to me. It all works out.

I bet if your wife were, like, a 9 she’d be deserving of being treated like a princess-- but I can’t help but laugh at the thought of a big-bellied 5 expecting any such thing. Balderdash, I say!

Screw princess, she should be a queen and you can be the king! You treat her with respect and she makes you fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches. Win-win!!

A princess? Most royalty marries other royalty, making you a prince by default. Does she treat you like a prince?

My point is that, barring a mutual agreement of inequality, neither should be the princess/prince with the other as a commoner.

Just my $.02.

Threadshit much?

I am curious, OP, what does treating your wife like a “princess” entail, in your mind?

Sure, if she passes the princess test

I was wondering that too.

I’ve always thought of the notion as viewing your wife as the most important person in world or something to that effect.

I don’t want to be treated like a princess. I want to be treated like the intelligent and fully functioning adult that I am. Of course I like special treatment, but I sure as hell don’t expect it just because of my gender.

I treat my husband as though he were the most important thing in my life (which he is), and he does the same for me.

Princess? Princess have not inherited yet and have no real control. I’d rather be a queen, command armies, go to war, tax subjects, govern, bring fortune and prosperity to my kingdom. And I’d expect the king to do the same. :wink:

Exactly. I do a bunch of things for my Fella and he trips over himself to be good to me. Two people who treasure each other.
If he ever treated me like a “princess” I actually would faint, from the “Omg, are you fucking kidding me”? meme.

It is key to have some kind of understanding about which role each person plays in the relationship. For example, in my marriage, we both understand I make the big decisions and she makes the small ones. I decide who should be president, whether there is a god, what is the origin of the universe, stuff like that. She decides where we go on vacation, when we buy new cars, and other mundane things.

He, he, hee!

No, seriously, the whole “Princess” thing is messed up.