Should they really make more X-files episodes again?

Fox is apparently ordering another run. No surprise there after the botched ending we saw in the new run of the series not too long ago. Should they take it further, or leave the truth on hiatus for now?

I was a big fan of the original series. The recent revival had some fun moments, but was largely underwhelming and at times really bad. That said, I’d probably watch another season, with my expectations in check.

Just don’t let Chris Carter write any. His two episodes were boring. The four in the middle were really good.

Please God no.

I enjoyed the last series. Not every episode. But I was glad to see it back again and I’ll definitely watch the next one.

I definitely want to see more episodes! The last season was a bit spotty – some episodes were great, others underwhelming. But I still enjoyed seeing Mulder and Scully back in action!

No. Find another corpse to desecrate; this one’s all worn out.

Not if they are going to be as bad as the latest!

Not only didn’t they make any sense as individual episodes, or even within the mini-arc, nor did they fit in the existing world, and not only didn’t they answer ANY longstanding questions, but the ending took a big shit on the X-files world by having a devastating world-wide catastrophe. And further episodes would have to be in the equivalent of the world in Independence Day Resurgence, because our world is gone.

And who cares about conspiracies to hide The Truth, or to aid or prevent alien invasions, or what happened to Mulder’s sister, or CSM, or their not!alien miracle baby when the whole world has just, non-secretly in full view of everyone, undeniably went to shit.

I, very sadly, have to say no, no more new epis. I was able to make it through the first 3 of the recent epis, but just didn’t care enough to watch the rest. It was nice to see the characters again, I suppose, but they weren’t the same as they had been in the past. Although that was realistic, I didn’t really like the people they had become.

There were some very good episodes in the last series, but unfortunately, the best were comedic episodes largely poking fun at the horror/sci-fi genre and even the X-Files itself. (The lizardman were-human episode is in my top ten of all X-Files episodes.)

If they want to do more, as far as I’m concerned, they either have to commit to self-deprecating humor or they have to end it properly by answering all the open-ended questions they’ve spent ten years avoiding.

I just hope they don’t do a spinoff with those two young agents in one of the recent eps. She was ok, but he managed to be even less interesting than Doggett.

The lizard-man episode was definitely my favorite! I would love to see a few more like that one.

They barely had enough (decent) ideas for the short revival. Stick a fork in it.

Do you have a cite that they have ordered another run?