X-files coming back next season? [Yes!]

I don’t care if it kind of sucks, I still support this and think it would be awesome.

Apparently, it is with David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson.

Please, no alien conspiracy story. We’ve flown past 2012 already and there never was any point, anyway.

You know, I had an awesome time in the 90s and I enjoyed watching the X-Files of a Sunday night. It’s never going to be the 90s again, though. The X-Files is over.

Nah, I say bring it on! I loved the second X-files movie, though.

Does the Nerdist podcast have that much power? When Gillian Anderson was on the show a few months back Hardwick asked if she’d be interested in returning to X-Files and when she said she would be and Duchovny probably would be it became a major jokey theme of the episode and they started a hash tag and made a joke about just announcing it was happening and then it would really happen.

Or was this already in the works and it was a gag I didn’t get at the time?

It was mostly a coincidence. Best guess is that Gillian Anderson already knew that there were rumblings while she was on Nerdist, so her subtle encouragement made it look that much more prescient.

I can only imagine how much better it could be now that Duchovny and Anderson like each other. Their twitter posts back and forth are hysterical. Including one where he asks if her feet will reach the pedals. That brought back memories.

There also is an awful lot of flirting, don’t know what that’s about.

I’d watch. According to the link in the OP, it would just be a limited series to wrap up some of the unresolved story-lines.

In fact, I’ve just started my first rewatch of the whole series from the beginning. It’s amazing to see how many of the key elements of the show are in place right from the start.

I’m also listening to The X-Files Files podcast, where-starting from the pilot–each week comedian/actor Kumail Nanjiani and a guest discuss one or two episodes at a time. Good stuff.

I bing watched the series a while back. As long as its better than the last few seasons I’ll be happy.

Really. I don’t want to see any Moronica or Doggett.

I liked Doggett. The episode on the oil rig with him and Mulder is a rare high point in the last seasons.

The pedophile priest one? Say it ain’t so! That was a terrible, awful, no good, very bad movie. :mad:

In terms of the OP, yeah, I wouldn’t mind if they brought it back, especially if it is just a limited series. Lots of storylines could use an ending.

I also liked Doggett but I never want to see Reyes again.

I was always in the “Monster of the Week” camp. Never liked the alien conspiracy crap, especially as the series wore on and the conspiracy started to look more & more unstoppable.

Unless they can promise it’s going to be a freakfest, I’m really not interested.

That’s where I’m at as well. The alien conspiracy was boring and went nowhere fast. And then it kept going nowhere, really slowly.

It would be a slap in the face if they didn’t at least rap up some of the loose ends;

Their child.
The aliens.
The end of the world.

Maybe keep Chris Carter away from it… he’ll just write himself into a hole. They have to do SOMETHING involving those things. Conspiracy-wise, there was not much of that IIRC after the syndicate got torched. The whole ‘government conspiracy’ stuff would be better left out. The Pilot episode of ‘The Lone Gunman’ was a Truther’s wet dream after 9/11. Government conspiracy stuff seems to be in poor taste IMHO.

I agree Monica Reyes SUCKED. Bring her back only to kill her off. Doggett was actually a good character.

Apparently Vince Gilligan is interested in the revival as well:


I swear to god, after the first movie, things really started to suck. Everyone is killed off, including TLG and Krycek. Also… how many times has both Mulder and Skully “died”?

I don’t want to see Gibson Praise either. I wanted to smack that kid.

I’d watch the hell out of it. There is no reason it couldn’t be great as long as they don’t cheap out on the budget and writers. Gotta have a solid storyline.



I thought the show went off the rails the last couple of years, but I’m still interested enough that I’ll do the same thing I used to do in the '90s: go over to some friend’s house to watch the X-Files.

I’d like to know what happened to the “Eve” clones and the “Small Potatoes” shape shifter. Or the latter’s kids.

It is now officially coming back!

A limited series seems like the best possible format. It forces a coherent story arc.

More to the point, in a limited format the conspiracy can lose, or at least be vulnerable, because the writers know they don’t have to keep it going to act as a constant, recurring character in a series which will last who knows how much longer.

If your heroes are constantly fighting and constantly losing, it’s a treadmill. It’s hard to ever get your hopes up, and if you never get your hopes up, it’s hard to genuinely care.