Should we be concerned for today's youth?

I think some attention needs to be directed to the situation with our newly-pubescent youth today…I’m a senior in high school, and I have been working as a peer counselor to 12-15 year old girls for a while now, and I’ve determined that the situation is quite appalling. What I am talking about here is sexual activity…and 12 year olds engaging in it. Just last month in my school, there were three instances of a 12 or 13 year old girl performing oral sex on a 13 year old boy in the stairwell between classes. In addition, you may have heard about this because it became a national story, a 14 year old girl made a porno with three guys over the age of 18. I know that these events are not just happening here and there…they’re happening all the time. Is anyone else concerned about this? And if so, what should be done about it? What is the source of the problem?

Um… I don’t think it’s quite the ‘problem’ you make it out to be. You only hear about the kids that do these things, not the ones that don’t. People have been worrying about the moral upbringing of the upcoming generation since we were all wearing leopard skins. Don’t get your panties in a bind.

Well, I appreciate a young person’s concern for younger folks, but I’m afraid there’s not much in a relatively free society that we could do about something like that. I’m sure it’s already illegal. It is truly awful yet seemingly not widespread.

If an English speaking person from another planet (I’m not referring to anyone specific here) got all of his info about the US culture from the Jerry Springer show or the tabloids, he’d get a pretty distorted picture of what the typical person is like here. Extremes are extremes.

I hate to say this, guys, but zepchick is NOT overreacting. A hell of a lot more kids are having sex now than when I was a kid, and younger. It really is pretty serious. I’m not sure WHAT the solution is, except that I think it starts in the home.

Well, I’d just like to point out that around the times of Romans (and for quite a while after that) you were considered adult as soon as you hit puberty practically. At least thats the way that this site puts it:

Now I realise that Roman standards are not the “norm” today but comparatively the most outrageous of us are SUPER conservative compared to a vast majority of the past.

I’m not trying to justify their actions or anything because I believe that they should be concentrating on their studies rather than on each other. But there IS a reason that this is happening. Its because society has put more stress on NOT doing it until your an adult rather than marrying anyone that you DID do it with.

All this seems “recent” to a lot of people but if you ask your parents or (if they still live) grandparents they’ll probably tell you that this happened in the past as well. It just wasn’t considered a problem because if you (being male) got the girl with child you WOULD marry her. No questions asked. Finito. Shot-gun marrages. You get the picture I hope.

In short:
Their bodies are telling them its time.
While the society is telling them that its “forbidden fruit and oh how yummy and delicious it is! Oh you want some of this well here you*Yoink! Ha just kidding! You can’t have this! You can’t have this!”

Er…my most poignant memories of high school include (this is from 10 to 14 years ago, mind you) :

  1. A girl performing oral sex on a guy in the bathroom for lunch money. Lunch back then was $1.10.

  2. A group of malcontents who got off on dragging nerdy freshmen into the bathroom, handcuffing them to the toilet, and then spitting at them or flicking lit butts at them.

  3. A guy arrested for having 4 grand worth of LSD in his locker.
    In other words, I’m not so sure that today’s youth represent some kind of new low or ongoing downward slide…as far as I can tell, kids have always been somewhat immoral and selfish. Part of the growing-up process, I’d say.

Imagine how many blow jobs the guy from #3 could have gotten from the girl in #1!

This site documents teenage pregnancy statistics. Short summary: they’ve been decreasing steadily for all age groups since the 70’s.

A good read is The Way We Never Were, by Steaphanie Coontz, which covers the topic all the way back to the 50’s. It’s easy to say that kids are having sex more now than they used to because the media focuses on it so much now, but the facts speak otherwise.

I’d like some of this action.

All I want to know is if it is still considered “sketchy” for a thirty year old guy to cruise the high schools in his Camaro like Mathew McConoughy in Dazed and Confused?

And my two cents…

I see no hope for the future of our people if they are dependent on the frivolous youth of today, for certainly all youth are reckless beyond words.
When I was a boy, we were taught to be discrete and respectful of elders, but the present youth are exceedingly wise and impatient of restraint.
~Hesiod, Eighth Century B.C.

Not mine exactly, but I thought they were kinda fitting. My main concern for the yoof o’ today is [unsubstantiated generalisation] how dam apathetic they all seem to be. [/unsubstantiated generalisation]

Yeah, but manx did you see those 8th century hellions? Damn punks, smoking cigarettes, hitting up old ladies for drug money. Even today’s youth aren’t as bad as that lot.

With all due respect, I think the overall message (from the responders to your OP) is to open your eyes to history. At your age it’s easy to think that you (and your generation) discovered everything and that before your time we were all somehow less informed. This is a natural conceit because you personally have been discovering the world for the last unp-teen years. That is what growing up is. From those of us who have been down that path, welcome to the party!

As for the the kids you are talking about…I’ll save everyone the trouble and say IT’S CLINTON’S FAULT! :smiley:

Here’s how I see it, technology makes life easier. Easier life makes people less tough. Rinse and repeat. Every generation thinks the one it sired is a bunch of spoiled pansies. Case in point:

“Children today are tyrants. They contradict their parents, gobble their food, and tyrannize their teachers.”
– Socrates (470-399 BC)

Even all this decadence and moral decay I still can’t get a date. Grr…

I’ve noticed that people involved in social work (such as counseling, child welfare and even police work) tend to develop an off-center view of reality. They see people in trouble all the time and don’t see the majority, who aren’t in trouble.

My sister, for example, is a nurse who works with low income disfunctional families. She gets very depressed about the state of society, and I have to constantly remind her that most people are good people who love their children very much and take good care of them.

I know a lot of kids, and while they do things that worry me, they’re not very different from earlier generations. My 14-yr-old niece just recently got her first kiss, and her best friend hasn’t yet. They’re curious about sex, but still finding their way cautiously in the boy-girl thing. They seem typical of kids their age.

When I was 10 years old, there were kids in my grade who were starting to experiment sexually. My older sister was 13 and dating a 16 year old and she was very sexually active. This was 1975. Sometimes I think the youth of today are just getting caught more often. My generation was just as bad, they were just less overt.

For my part, I lost my viriginity to my wife when I was 22 and she’s the only partner I’ve had. My daughter turns 13 in May and has indicated that she plans to go that route as well. Let’s hope.

Naah, today’s kids are fine. Abysmal fashion sense and taste in music :wink: , but apart from that…

Seriously, my own generation brought forth disco. At least a good portion of the kids of today are politically savvy and ready to get involved in the world.

As for sex, I don’t care how young they are, let them do as they please as long as it’s mutually consensual and there’s no nasty age diffs (like 18 on 14) going on there.

I lost my virginity when i was 15, to a 15 year old, the only reason that our generation could be worse than the last is technology. im talking about multimedia computers that give you access to any kind of pornography imaginable. crack wasnt around back then and neither was I. we will bear whitness to an out burst of ‘neo-freaks’ in the coming years. but they will be no worse than the greasers of 1953, the beatnicks of 1943, the hippies of 1963, the punks of 1983 etc. etc. live and let live and remember that your parents have seen more than you. peace.

I’m taking a history course called “America in the 1950s” and so far the gist of it is the face our parents and grandparents put on to meet the other faces belied some funky sh*t going on underneath. Just because you didn’t HEAR about it back in the day - no Jerry Springer show and the Ozzy & family show back then was FAR from being a documentary - doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. I agree that part of the reason we seem sexually “loose” today is that we’re getting away from shotgun weddings, which I consider a good thing (you’re making a lifelong commitment to another human being ought to have better reasons thatn “someone is pregant”).