Shoulda stood in bed

Most everyone has used or heard this term.

Why stood?

Hmmm I’ve heard should have stayed in bed

It’s supposed to be “stayed.” I don’t know if Bugs Bunny started “stood,” but I remember him saying it, obviously as a silly joke.

The phrase is attributed to Joe Jacobs, who was the promoter for boxer Max Schmeling.

“I should of stood in bed”

However, he is credited in most sources as saying when he was attending the 1935 World Series.

Washington Post, 1998

Hmm, I have read soemthing to the effect that it is derived from a sort of confused “tranlation” of a Yiddish or German usage. A muddled between “sttayed” and “stood”.

But can I recall right now which book I read that in? Sadly no. (I have a feeling the author was named Leo Something though - and if my connection co-operates for once, I’ll have a bit of a Google.

Leo Rosten is the author who has writen extensively on Yiddish.

And it’s true that Joe Jacobs was Jewish.

But I think it’s more NewYorkese than Yiddish. Jacobs also gave the world the immortal “We wuz robbed.”

They talked like that in the Good Old Days.

Aha - Leo Rosten was the writer I had iin mind. Of courses, this is of no matter to anyone else by now, but it does mean that Celyn will not stay awake all night trying to remember the name! :slight_smile:
I did not know about the “We Wuz Robbed” thing either - I suppose I have only heard it in connection with British football teams, so jsutthought it may have originated in that context, football “journalists” being rather good at mangling the language. (“Game of Two Halves” and so on.)

Maybe Joe Jacobs had a Murphy Bed. :stuck_out_tongue:

:eek: :confused: :smack: :o

It took a minute or two before it seeped through that you weren’t claiming to have witnessed it yourself. I was just about ready to ask how old you were. :slight_smile:

Maybe it’s time for me to start taking gingko or something? :o

I’m tempted to say this is one of those Bushism’s.
But I won’t.