Shoulder support for sleeping on my side

I’m 45, and earlier this year I separated my right shoulder while playing wallyball. It was a mild separation, but since then I have been unable to sleep for very long (if at all) on that side. So, I’ve been sleeping on my left side almost exclusively, as sleeping on my stomach bothers my back, and sleeping on my back causes me to snore really loud. Now my left shoulder is starting to protest about all this exclusivity.

I’ve seen some ads for a $250 wedge pillow with a cutout for the shoulder but I am not inclined to buy that because I have no way of knowing how well it would work. I figured someone else here might have this problem and have figured out some alternative means of fixing it, so I am looking for suggestions.

I’ve tried this one from SRSS.

And the MedCline.

Sorry about the long links.
They both helped my shoulder troubles. I sometimes felt trapped when waking up with the MedCline but it had better support. I’m a light sleeper & struggled getting used to both.

Darn edit time ran out. I’m a light sleeper & struggled getting used to both. Then I modified the MedCline to open it up a bit. Then I had surgery which took care of the problem.

Have you first tried just hugging a regular pillow? My shoulder feels like it’s going to dislocate if I sleep on my side without hugging a pillow. It either engages some muscles, or rotates the joint, but the result is that it makes my shoulder feel more solid.

Make sure you are wedging a pillow between your legs to help keep your back aligned (Thus also helping your shoulder issue).

I wish to hell I had one of those MedClines back when I had frozen shoulders ten years ago. I can only sleep on my sides and I had to contrive to pile up pillows to sleep on to achieve a configuration similar to the MedCline.