Shout out for your favorite Easter candy!

One of the things I like about Easter is the array of candy that’s just not available any other time of year. My coworkers and I got onto the subject of favorite Easter candy yesterday and it seemed like everyone had a different fave, so I’m taking the question to the Dope.

ETA: shoot, wanted to make this a poll. :smack: Oh well, we’ll just do this the old-fashioned way.

Actually…I don’t like a lot of “holiday” candy, as it seems to be cheap and bad tasting. This goes for Halloween, Christmas, Valentines, and Easter. Only rarely is holiday candy worth eating.

I do like the appearance of a lot of the holiday candies, especially the speckled eggs for Easter.

I like those small milk chocolate eggs wrapped in colorful foil that look a lot like this. Don’t really know whether it’s a specific brand.

I sure don’t like Peeps though.

My fave: Cadbury Mini-Eggs. Yum.

I don’t care too much for the Creme Eggs (to me they taste like they have cheap cake frosting for a filling), but I know plenty of people who love them.

Same here on the Mini-Eggs and a vote for Cadbury Caramel Eggs.

Mine are Robin Eggs (malted milk eggs with pastel candy shells).

Stale Peeps are a close second.

Laura Secord Easter Eggs Although I wasn’t able to find a link to the peanut butter flavor which is better than the original.

Cadbury Mini-Eggs and Caramel Eggs. If I had to pick one, give me the Mini-Eggs.

I can go through a bag of those in no time. They are sooooo good.

Peeps are horrible, and those cheap chocolate bunnies that taste stale and waxy should not be allowed to call themselves “chocolate”.

I’d have voted for the Lindt bunnies, but they have similar things for the other holidays so I’m not counting them as specifically Easter candy.

Lucky for you, there’s an ample supply. :smiley:

Cadbury Creme Eggs, duh.

Though the filling has been reformulated since I was a kid, and isn’t as good as it used to be. It used to be so runny that my mother made me eat them over a plate at the kitchen table.

They’re not “stale,” they’re “properly aged.”

And BTW in any thread you’ve started, under “Thread Tools” you can “Add a poll to this thread” at any time.

I have to go with Chocolate Bunnies. Chocolate and systemic dismemberment, the perfect way to celebrate the resurrection!

Is this a shout out to your peeps?

For me it’s chocolate bunnies all the way. Mmmm…ears…

Cadbury Creme Eggs and the Mini-Eggs get my vote. Sattua, I think you’re right. The Creme Eggs are not quite the same as they used to be. The filling is thicker and more dense now. It used to be nearly liquid.

Can’t stand the Peeps, ‘aged’ or not.

Amazing confession:

In my entire life (I’m over 50) I have NEVER eaten a peep.

As for favorite candy, anything with chocolate and caramel . . .



As long as they’re not the Abomination that are *Sugar Free Peeps *:eek:

DCnDC, good to know :slight_smile:

I LOVE peeps. Apparently most people do not, but I’m ok with it, as it means more for me.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs.

I love Reese’s cups to begin with, but the higher peanut-butter-to-chocolate ratio (I’m talking about that delectably greasy, salty, sugary peanut glop) pushes the Eggs over the top as an irresistable guilty-pleasure treat.

Same here, and they MUST be Robin Eggs, not some no-name knock-off, because the essential thing is to be able to twirl the egg against your puckered lips so the pastel coloring comes off on them. The lavender ones are my favorite for this, with pale blue a close second.