It's that time of year again. . .Cadbury Creme Eggs

I feel compelled to confess my extreme fondness for Cadbury Creme Eggs
Yesterday afternoon I was hit by a candy craving. I attempted to ignore it since I had recently returned from a trip to the grocery store and was loath to venture forth again.
Visions of Hersey bars, Lindt truffles, Malted Milk Balls and the possibility of early displays of special Valentine Candy danced before my eyes.
This vision impairment cleared rapidly as I grabbed the cars keys and slammed the door.
The closest fix with the best selection: CVS. I grabbed a red basket and trolled the candy aisle withstanding the temptation to brush an entire shelfs worth into it.
Just as I imagined display after display of special Valentine treats.
But what???
Easter Candy already??

Do you share my love of Cadbury Creme Eggs?
Have you found any other candy that resembles that taste?
Confess your guilty candy pleasure.

Cadbury Mini Eggs! It’s just about time for Cadbury Mini Eggs again!!

I find the Creme Eggs to be too sweet, which is quite an unusual admission for me, although I enjoy one every so often. But the Mini Eggs! There’s something caramelly in the flavor of the chocolate that takes me right to my Happy Place.

Mmmmmm, Cadbury Mini Eggs.

I found dark chocolate mini eggs last year… sooo good.

I only eat the filling out of creme eggs. I find the chocolate … wait for it… too sweet. :smack:

Are our beloved Cadbury’s Creme Eggs safe under the Cheese Whiz Kings?

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Easter chocolate hit the shelves in Tesco with the New Year sales items this year.

Creme Eggs are strange. I find them too sugary but not too sweet, if that makes sense. Something about them just makes me think about a lot of sugar, I feel a bit sticky all over after eating one.

Lets hope so. If Kraft have any sense they’ll let Cadbury run the worldwide too-sweet chocolate-ish division. Mind you they already own my absolute favourite British choc treat - the Terrys dark chocolate orange.

I’m not a fan of Cadbury Cream Eggs. The chocolate-to-goo ratio is too low. Do the mini eggs have the same filling? I might like those better – like I need to find another bad-for-you food to get hooked on. :smack:

I love the goo, as well. I keep them in the freezer; makes them a tad less sweet, since I tend to overload well before finishing one, but I like them so much!!

I have one left from last year; go go 99-cent stores! I buy about 20-30 of them when they’re 5 for a buck, stick them in the freezer, and nosh all year when the craving hits me.

The Mini Eggs have no filling at all; they’re just a sugar shell filled with luscious, wonderful milk chocolate, and the only direct proof I need of a benevolent God who loves us and wants us to be happy.


Fill my Easter basket with this and I’m happy-

Cadbury (I think) chocolate-covered caramel eggs
Reese’s choco-cov peanut butter eggs
Butterfinger eggs
Medium solid choco bunny
Robin (candy-not choco-covered malt) eggs
Spiced jelly beans

Now I’m hungry.


They do also have smaller eggs with filling usually available as a pack of four. The easter bunny likes to bring them for my kids. They don’t like them, though, so they kindly share with me.

I like the smaller eggs because I like the goo/chocolate ratio better.

You probably won’t like this creme egg then :eek:

Count me among the frozen disciples as well. The creme turns into a sort of meringue and eliminates the goo-factor.

What I miss, because I just haven’t seen them around in a while, is those large candy eggs that were made of coconut, or peanut butter; they were pretty big, sometimes more a flat oval than an egg…those were fantastic, and I’d get one in a heartbeat if I ever saw them again.

And I distinctly remember the taste of these chocolate ‘stars’ that the Easter Bunny used to lay along the stairs <on doilies> and all over the house for us to find. That fake-chocolate taste…some milk chocolate, some ‘white’ chocolate…is really the flavor of Easter for me.

I just came back from Rite-Aid and saw they were for sale there. Usually, you don’t seem them on the shelves until around Valentine’s Day.

The Mini Eggs are like crack.
Step 1: Open a 12 oz. bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs.
Step 2: Reach into bag thinking if you only take two or three at a time you’ll be okay.
Step 3: Return to bag several minutes later with the same self-delusional assurance.
Step 4: Repeat Step 3 until the bag is empty less than an hour later.

Add me to those who especially like the dark chocolate Mini Eggs. Just before they disappear off the shelves after Easter, I buy three or four bags to hoard the rest of the year.

Cadbury chocolates in the U.S. are made by Hershey’s.

ETA: OK, so you guys aren’t United Statesians. But some people are!

You took the post right out of my mouth. Last year I was, paradoxically, glad that I couldn’t find the Mini Eggs in any of the stores near me, because they will be my pancreas’ downfall, I’m sure of it. You cannot eat just one handful. You cannot.

Do you mean Reese’s Eggs, or Russell Stover Cream Eggs? Both of which I love, and are the bane of my diet every Easter.

And on the topic of the OP, one year the week after Easter I was grocery shopping and they had put all their unsold Cadbury Creme Eggs in the bargain bin for ten cents each. I bought four or five dollars worth and stashed them in the fridge. I still had some left several months later, mainly because the bag had gotten shoved to the back of the shelf and forgotten.