Cadbury creme eggs...

Love 'em or hate 'em, when they show up on the shelf at the drug store you know spring is right around the corner. I bought a couple last night and just ate one of them. I’m probably going to eat the other one as soon as I’m done typing this - they’re so damned good I can’t resist them. I like the original ones best, but I won’t turn down a caramel egg or an orange one, for that matter. Funny thing is, I’m not really all that into sweets. I rarely (if ever) buy/eat candy bars. But when those Cadbury creme eggs hit the shelves, I’m all over 'em.

So good…

:: drool ::

My wife loves them also. I find them incredibly sickly, so I only have one per year as a tradition type thing. Is it me, or are Easter eggs incredibly cheap this year. They’re on the shelves for one pound.

I don’t generally like candy or sweets either, but I buy a Cadbury Creme Egg every year and love it. Half the fun is choosing which one I want.

Cadbury creme eggs are disgusting. Give me one.

Get them quick, before they become Kraft Squeezy Cheesy Creme Eggs.

The creme eggs are the BEST part of this time of year. Mmmmm!

Oh lordy. Little orbs of sweety goodness. I’m currently limiting myself to one per week. :frowning:

I used to love them. I have noticed that (sensibly enough) American creme eggs are smaller than the British/Irish variety.

I don’t see them here

And I miss them

Every year- specifically, after Easter when they suddenly become much cheaper- I find myself wondering if a Cadbury Creme Egg milkshake would be good.

It might taste all right but you might actually want to live those several years longer. :slight_smile:

They are one of those things you love or hate. I don’t hate them, but I don’t like that cold, goopy liquid that drips all over my hand like a…raw egg.

Don’t know if they are different where you are, but here in the UK the consistency isn’t all that runny, and shares nothing with that of a raw egg.

I think the consistency has something to do with the ambient temperature (and also the age of the egg)

I laughed. And I agree!

I just have one a year, because I always forget how sickly sweet they are and it isn’t like you can just have half or something. But I have to have one.

I call dibs on yours, then!!

Many years ago, I started dating this guy. Our first date was on Valentine’s Day so we’d only been dating a month or two when the Easter season hit. I expressed how much I loooooooved Cadbury eggs, so every time he came over to my house, or picked me up for a date, he’d bring me a 3-egg package. Every single time. Even after Easter had come and gone! I thought he was just the most thoughtful guy. He didn’t even like them - too sweet.

Several weeks later, and by this time we’d gotten to know each other a little better, (and he’s still bringing eggs) I went over to his house. I’d taken him some food or something, and just went into his kitchen and popped it in the refrigerator. And I saw it - the man had bought an entire case of Cadbury eggs - like 144 3-eggs packages. I knew right then, I had to marry this man!!

I did. :smiley:

I miss the chocolate creme ones. They were good. But I probably still wouldn’t buy them: heck, I haven’t even bought any Girl Scout cookies this year.

That is about the sweetest thing I’ve read in a while (pun not intended, but noted). Thanks for sharing that story.

I love Cadbury Creme eggs. I like to eat them a bit like a soft boiled egg. I take off the top of the chocolate shell, eat it, use a spoon to eat the insides, and then eat the rest of the shell. I don’t actually eat the shells of soft boiled eggs, but the breaking the top off and scooping out the insides to eat mimic my Cadbury habits.

So do I but I haven’t seen them in a few years. As for the others, I’m allergic to the creme and the orange and think the caramel ones are too sweet.

Now the Cadbury Mini Eggs, *those *are addictive.