Showing sigs

I’ve always thought this was something that only paying members get to see - everyone’s sig (that has one) at the bottom of their posts.

However, in this thread is the following exchange:

(posts 2 and 3)

Onomatopoeia is a member (I assume, with his custom title and all), but Isamu is labelled “Guest” like me. How can he see Onomatopoeia’s sig?

Onomatopoeia doesn’t have a sig – my interpretation was that Isamu was referring to his custom title (or perhaps his location).

Is that right–guests don’t see sigs when displayed?

If you have one I can’t see it.

No, I don’t have the sig function turned on–I just never knew that they didn’t display for everybody.

Signatures display on the profile page (bottom of About Me) so guests can see a member’s signature by navigating to their profile.

ETA: Everyone can see sigs on profiles, even if they have unticked ‘Show Signatures’.