Siblings need love too...right?

My sister and I are best friends who work in the same place and do everything else together. She is only slightly over a year older than I am so we also share all of the same hometown friends. While I was out to lunch, with her, this morning she revealed to me that she had had sex with my best friend, and former college roommate, last night. It only surprised me somewhat because although they seem like they should have nothing in common, they have always gotten along very well. If I had not been so hungry before we ate, I would have noticed how nervous she was. When she broke the news, I could not stop laughing. I still think that it is hilarious and to be honest, I am actually happy for both of them. Their constant complaining about lacking companionship (i.e. steady ass) was getting on my nerves anyway. The whole thing does not bother me in the least but I know my friend is going to be a wreck until I convince him that it really is okay. If she is happy, then I am happy. If he messes up I count to four (he is my best friend) and then hunt him down like a dog. I do not, however, foresee any serious issues because out of all my close friends he treats women the best.

This whole situation has me wondering about some things. Every guy that I know makes a serious effort to avoid becoming romantically involved with the siblings of their good friends. Still, I know this has to happen because there are tons of stories about this type of forbidden romance. I was wondering, would anyone object to their best friends dating/sleeping with their siblings? Has this ever happened to anyone else? Any dopers date their best friends siblings?

Personally, I have seriously considered dating one of my friend’s sisters but ultimately I have convinced myself, and her, that it would be an awful idea. Interestingly enough, her parents and my friend all think it would be a good idea but I am fairly certain that they only feel that way because all of her ex-boyfriends are jerks.

My brother’s friend asked him if it was ok to ask me out. My brother said ok. The friend asked me and I turned him down. (I just didn’t feel that way about him.)

My brother found out and an angry confrontation followed between friend and brother. As my brother didn’t really think he was planning to go ahead with it. The friend pointed out that he had said it was ok. With no sensible reply avaliable, my brother just shut up. And that was the end of that.

Moral of the story - Ok doesn’t always mean ok.

I recently sort’a introduced my brother to one of my coworkers. She started kidding me about dating her boss, I countered that I’m not very interested in dating married guys and have a brother who might be the right age for her, turns out they were born 2 weeks apart… they’ve been emailing for a few weeks now.

Isn’t that a traditional source for blind dates? “Oh, you absolutely must meet my cousin!”

I’m of the female persuasion, but isn’t it generally “guy code” that you don’t date your friend’s sister? I know that while my bro and sis were close in age, all of Bryan’s friends generally seemed to think that she was “off limits” and never asked her out, even though presumably they could’ve. And if they wanted to, I’m almost certain that they would’ve asked Bryan what he thought of it before every approaching my sister (much like AngelicGemma’s would-be suitor). That might explain some of the nerves.

My cousin is getting married soon to the sister of one of his good friends. Apparently immediately after the two guys first met a few years ago, the brother was anxious to introduce his sister to my cousin, because he knew they’d hit it off. And they did.

Good way to keep your friends close, I think.

Yes it definitely is an unwritten rule that you are expected to avoid your friend’s sister. I would have been angrier if he had grown up with us. To me, any of my friends that grew up with us should avoid her because they are supposed to be looking out for her as much as I do. It is true that he did not ask me…not so sure how I feel about that part yet.

In my view, the main problem with such relationships is if they end less than amicably. If your sister and your friend are a couple, you have to face the possibility that they may become an ex-couple.

I set my brother up with one of my good friends ‘cause I thought they’d hit it off. They did and they’re now married with a kid. It was a calculated risk tho’, I knew if things didn’t work out, I’d be keepign the brother and not the friend.

The problem is usually breaking up with the sibling of your best friend. Breakups hardly ever go smoothly, even if you try. It’s hard to end a relationship with a girl who likes you, without hurting her. Which is what you must somehow do if you want to remain friends with her brother.

Unless I find the girl really worth risking a friendship, I’m not going for it.

One of my friends is dating my sister. We’ll see what happens. I try to avoid discussion with either one of them about their relationship, as I’ve found it puts one in a very uncomfortable position when each of them is complaining to you about the other.

Both of my sisters are now married to guys I didn’t really know before they married, but in their youth both dated friends of mine. Wasn’t ever really a problem… but an ugly breakup could certainly have complicated things for all concerned.