*sidles in*

Ah, geez.

blushes bright red; loves on and flirts outrageously with everybody
WhyNot, I’ll throw in a blender and an espresso maker for your trouble. You want an iced mocha?

No golden arrows for you!

dedicates her Doper Tony award to meek, the great auteur of our time; didn’t miss Sunspace at all, really; and snuggles up to Least Original User Name Ever
Seriously, I know badchad got banned (praise sweet Jesus, hallelujah) but what did I miss?

She’s back! Yay!

(having difficulty imagining the ‘sidling’ part of things…)

:: snif ::

I’ll just go now.

I was a lurker when you went away, but now I’m a prolific (annoying?) poster! On behalf of me, myself, and I: Welcome Back :smiley:

The squid misses you too.

Getting eaten by a werewolf.

Actually, she missed eating Townsfolk and getting lynched.

I’ll join that club, but I’m less drunk and stick fewer things in my butt than him. :stuck_out_tongue:

Tell that to your colon! :smiley:

[hi, jack] Y’know, I wondered where the heck you came from! I only started noticing you about a month or two ago, and was like “Oh, good! Fun newbie, yay!” only to get all confused when I saw your membership date. Then I felt bad because I thought you’d been posting all this time and I hadn’t noticed. And you know that awkward thing when you’ve met someone too many times to ask them who the heck they are, but you still don’t know their name and so you just go for years seeing them every week or even every day but not knowing their name and too embarrassed to ask, so the next time you see them at a party, you make your husband go up and introduce himself, get the guy’s name and report back so that you can pretend you knew it all along? Yeah. It was kinda like that. [/hj]

[/hijerk] Lest this thread becomes about me (not that I mind the attention), I will start an “introduction” thread soon. 5 years and 900ish posts late, but I figure I’m due :cool: [/hi]

And hello again, Ky The Reia :slight_smile:

Welcome back.
You crossed my mind while I was watching a Hitler Channel show on the Antikythera Mechanism last night.

My archenemy resurfaces! Evil is at hand! :mad:

(Er, the mechanism, not garygnu. garygnu is fab, switched on, a bit of all right, etc.)

Feel free to hijack the thread, Autolycus! Consider it the ‘welcome’ thread for everybody. I promise to [del]mostly[/del] refrain from soup jokes. :wink:

blows a kiss in Sunspace’s direction

Hey, who told you to stop snuggling???

Good to see you back and living in our semi-anonymous internet haven once again!

Many did wonder
Where did the smooches go?
Good to see you back