*sidles in*

Anybody miss me while I was gone?

waves sheepishly

It’s good to be back here (after an extended hiatus from the board) and taking a break from real life again. :slight_smile: What did I miss?

And you are…?


No arrows for you, then.


:slides some Tic Tacs into Kythereia’s pocket:

You saying her breath stinks? :dubious:

It’s a Seinfeld reference. The maracca-like shaking of the Tic Tacs should bring an end to her sidling days!

Actually, yes, I thought “hey, where’d she been?”

:Raises hand:

So, where you been? And… how you doin’? :wink:

Helllooooooo goddess! :smiley:

Welcome back, Kytheria. I’d been wondering why I’ve not seen your posts for a while, and hoping you were well.

So, how did you like the crazy weather last week? :wink:

Real Life is highly over-rated.

Welcome back.


What did you miss you ask?

Well, some idiot made you a “Doper Dancer” in this thread.


You’re a star! A big bright shiny star! :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice to see ya on the boards again.

Welcome back, beautiful. I was wondering a little bit about ya.

Squee! kythereia’s back!

I’ve tried to fill in the flirt detail since you’ve been gone, but all that accomplished was to lose **Mbossa **two toasters , so you’d better pick up the duties again.

I noticed. A while back, I said, oh yeah - whatshername, wonder where she is lately?

No, really, Hi!

And stay put now, this “hiatus” business will not be tolerated young lady.

I’m sure I would’ve missed you… if I hadn’t also been gone for the last week.

Welcome back! We missed you.

[sub]Next time, we’ll aim better.[/sub]

What did you miss? Oh, nothing much. Haircut disasters, pit rants, bannings, impromptu counseling, kitten threads, goats, wombats, echidnas, all the usual stuff.

On my way to work this morning, I was thinking you haven’t been posting much, or at all. I miss your creative posts with all the ::.

Woot! Yes, your sunny disposition was missed. Welcome back!

Not to mention some rampant paranoia and lynchings of innocents over in the werewolf game thread.