Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale

One of my favorite parts of the holiday season is upon us: Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale.

Best. Beer. Ever. I crave it for ten months, and go into mourning when it goes off the market in January. This year I’m going to be smart and stock up. Beer this good should be illegal.

Anyone else share my fondness for this nectar of the gods? Any other “seasonal only” treats you look forward to?

I’ve not seen this brand of which you speak, but every year at this time Mr. Pug and I look for Samuel Smith’s “Winter Welcome”, a topnotch British ale. In fact, we just got a couple of pints this last weekend. Yum.

Mmm… Celebration Ale. This, and cheapie supermarket brand egg nog are what keep bringing me back to Christmas season, year after year.

Er, not together though. Because that would take the goodness out of both, I should think.


Never had it. But I’ll grab a pack if I see it, as I do enjoy Sierra-Nevada.

As for my favorite seasonal, I really enjoy Pete’s Wicked Summer Time. It’s too light for most people who’ve tried it, which may explain why I didn’t see much of it out there this year. But it’s a wonderful beer to have when sitting on the porch, listening to a ballgame on the radio/TV.

Ah, yes. For a real treat, buy extra and save it. We’ve done vertical tastings of Celebration on occasion. It can last several years if stored properly. :smiley:

Tenebras, I second the egg nog shout-out. Yum. I gain 5 lbs a quart, but I just can’t stop drinking the stuff!

I have to add the Portland Brewing Company’s (Buffalo Bill?) Pumpkin Ale.

It’s almost impossible to get ahold of. Last year I found a case at a local store. The entire stock had been sold less than five minutes off the truck.

We randomly found the last four six packs in the city while looking for something else. I LOVE this beer. I can’t wait to move closer to it. :slight_smile:

One year we got six cases. It was all gone by New Year’s Eve.

I live in Chico, CA, where Sierra Nevada Brewery is located. They sell the Celebration Ale for really cheap (well they do that with all their beers) so it is actually about the same as buying Bud or something. It is pretty sweet. :cool:

You can have my allotment…I can’t stand the stuff! Their Orange Blossom Cream Ale, on the other hand…

Luckily, a student of mine works at the local source, and clued me in on when they switch styles. That way I could stock up on the good stuff. I’m sipping one right now, as a matter of fact! :smiley:

I was buying that Celebration Ale in June on sale locally here in July. It is really good ale. Sierra is absolutely my favorite ,it is very hard to pass up.

I haven’t tried the Celebration, but Sierra Nevada Porter is America’s best dark beer.

As a slight hijack, if you’re able to try Great Lakes Brewing Company Christmas Ale, you should. I drink it on tap at my local bar and this is one of the best beers I’ve ever had.

Samuel Smith’s … ooooohhhhhhh…

I just discovered these beers. The best. I’ve ever. Tasted.

Now I have to go see if I can find Winter Welcome. Thanks, pugluvr!

FriendRob: Good stuff, eh? You show no location, but if you have any Trader Joe’s near you, they usually stock several types of Samuel Smiths. And they usually knock quite a bit off the price, too.

Yes!!! It is finally time for the winter ales here in Colorado. BF and I absolutely live for this time of year.

Two we really enjoy:
Full Sail Brewery’s Wassail Ale O’Dell Brewery’s Isolation Ale

The second one might only be available in CO, though. Check out the beautiful artwork on the label (and check out the alcohol content :smiley: ).

I’ll second the Wassail, Winter Welcome, and Celebration ale and add Alaskan Brewing Co.'s Smoked Porter. So good you’ll want to dip a steak in it.

I’m going to be brewing a “clone” of the Celebration Ale this weekend. :smiley:

The great thing about Celebration is that they change the recipe every year. Every vintage is unique.

The winter beer from Deschutes Brewery and the Winternacht from Widmer are the ones I look forward to all year.

Summit Oktoberfest. Yummy.

I think I saw the Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale in the beer store last time I was there, I’ll have to pick up a sixer next time.

And while it’s not a seasonal beer, I’ve gotta throw a shout out to a recent discovery: Moose Drool