Sig lines v2.2

Woo Hooo!! New Sig line stuff… but is it too much now? What should I lose?

Seeing as it’s longer than most posts, I’d say it’s a bit much. I’d lose the Upham quote, since it’s not really insightful or anything, just a comment on the first part of your sig and doesn’t really add anything to it. (no offense, Upham) and that whole bit from the Hall of Heroes - that’s just way too much and I doubt anyone will bother reading that while looking through a thread.

Ok, I made some changes. I hope folks do take the time to read it, as I thought it immensly funny, and it is about me (or at least my alter ego) in a series of short stories that a close friend has written about his friend. I’ll see if he’ll let me post a link.