Signatures defaulting to "on" again

It seems that, as a side effect of the recent software upgrade to enable paid member subscriptions, the “Show your signature” checkbox near the bottom of the posting screen is once again defaulting to CHECKED.

(I remember this coming up as an issue the last time the software was upgraded – it took a while for an admin to find the super-secret software flag to tweak so that the checkbox would default to UNCHECKED, like it did before the software upgrade. Apparently, this is happening again.)

I just knew there were going to be problems!
<<stomps off in a huff>>

Just had to find something to complain about didn’t you tracer ?

Having the box automatically checked it a perk of being a charter member.

But of course! What would life be without whining. :-*
tracer, hoping he remembers to un-check the “Show your signature” box when he posts this

D’OH! :smack:

Oh yeah? Well, I’m stomping off in a minute and a huff!

Go to your User CP, then to “Edit Options” and unselect the “show signature box” on that screen. Save your settings, and voilá!
And then I glance down, and see that the signature box IS indeed still checked…damn! And I thought I was so smart!

Yeah – the “Show Signatures” checkbox controlls whether you see signatures when reading those posts (written by yourself and others) that do have signatures attached to them. It has no bearing on the state of the “Show your signature” checkbox on the posting-composition* panel.
*) I was sorely tempted to abbreviate this as “com-post”, but thought better of it.