Signatures [SDMB]

What does your signature say about you, or, what do you want it to say.

Mine says (in my head anyway) that I think life is too sad and serious to not laugh at it, I am a bitter optimist, and I have a small plush Darth Vader with bunny ears “proving” that even the most bad-assed villain of all time wants to be the Cadbury Easter Bunny

Damm cat, Mods, could the title please be changed to reflect that I am talking about SDMB signatures? (yes I reported using the triangle, and dam cat jumped on keyboard during the process)

That I like Mad Men.

Posting to see what my sig even is…

ETA: Mine says I’m clever and witty and beautiful and smart and… No? Well then I have no idea.

I have the ‘display signatures’ box unchecked, which says, “I really dislike message board signatures.”



Something about irony? Or something else.

I had to look mine up - I don’t remember changing it but I do remember some of the older ones I’ve used. It may be time to consider a new one, altho I almost never post it.

My signature indicates that I, at one time, was very good at explaining the subjunctive mood.

Standard disclaimer.

Mrs. and I both really like yours because it has real world application:D

NM. Forgot to include my sig

Good grief. I just changed my signature to what you have. I got it from a friend of mine, who’s not Polish and doesn’t read the SDMB. I’ve just retired (I’m a freelancer), and I was telling her about the saying I coined when I seemed to be more committed to getting a project done right and on time than my client: “You can’t care more than they do.”

She told me about “Not my circus,” etc. I’ll change it to something else after this thread runs its course.

As for what my signature “means,” it’s just something clever or interesting that I want to share. I change it often.

Mine memorializes the day I put my cat in a box and when I opened the box there was a dead mouse in there.

…kinda like how my sig disappeared in my last post

kinda sorta puts a heck of a spin on your name:)

or, y’know, maybe not

Mine says this


I usually have something humorous I wrote. Just the other day I wrote, “I know what it says on the label, but I think they have the space in the wrong place. It says Stool Softener, but it should be Stools Oftener.”

(Oliver Faltz is my favorite pseudonym.)

Somebody said a while back that your sig should be shorter than your message. I try to comply with that.

A short explanation about practicality and the fundamental absurdity of life…or some such thing.

Mine says that at one point I decided to write something in the signature box, and I wasn’t feeling very clever that day.