Signs Of The Aporkalypse

Uh oh, we’re flying out to the midwest in a few days and then driving back to CA, so I suspect at some point, our resistance will falter and we’ll have to give 'em a try…

I’ll see that and raise you chocolate-covered hog lard.

Raise you deep fried butter.

[Bart]Daaad! My heart hurts![/Bart]

You’re supposed to dip the deep fried butter in sour cream. It’s Paula Deen’s favourite dessert.
It makes even me retch, and I’m a deep-fried cheesecake fan.

Hey, if Alton Brown is willing to show how to make it, it can’t be ALL bad…


Raise you a deep fried Mars Bar.


Raise you fried Coke.

Fried Coke on wiki? I’ve got film! Deep-fried Pepsi!

I… um… I can’t even formulate a good response to this concept. Now, I loves me some crap food, but… deep fried butter? I can feel my arteries hardening a little more, every time I say it. Deep fried butter. Deep fried butter. Deep fried butter.

Damn! Of all the times to not have a gall bladder!

Had deep fried coke at the State Fair of Texas last year, it wasn’t that good. Essentially no taste.

This year, I had the Fried Cookie Dough. That was pretty good.

Every year I go, I try something new and different that shouldn’t be deep fried. It’s quite fun.

The other day, I happened to be on hand when someone tried these.

Her verdict: “These are magnificent.”