Signs Of The Aporkalypse

As seen in a real commercial, not SNL or Mad: Sonic is selling Deep-fried macaroni and cheese nuggets. :eek:

An acquaintance of mine who works at Sonic told me that one customer placed an order for the deep-fried mac & cheese, but asked in a worried tone of voice “Do those have any carbs?”

I thought that particular horseman was out of the stable in 2002, when the batter-fried twinkie was introduced at the Washington State Fair

CiCi’s Pizza has macaroni and cheese pizza. It’s actually not that bad.

One of the big chain restaurants has had them for years. I think it’s T.G.I.F.

Hmm … they might be good with a little bacon salt.

“…and a Diet Coke, please.”

That’s it, I’m putting a Fry-Daddy on my Christmas List. Next stop deepfried Krispie Treats!


I’ve also seen them in the freezer section at Costco.

Mmmmmm…fried mac & cheese…mmmmm…

Aw crap. There goes my diet. (I have a Costco membership and a weakness for mac-n-cheese.)

I saw those during a football game today. I have to tell you, they look quite tasty. i’m sure glad there isn’t a Sonic in Canada or eating healthy would become much tougher for me. Their commercials are quite appetizing (that may very well be because I’ve never had their food).

You know what? I order a diet coke every time I get fast food, but not because I think it somehow miraculously reverses the effects of my chicken nuggets and Double Quarter Pounder, but because I happen to like Diet Coke (it seems to complement the flavor of McD’s french fries, oddly enough).

That said, this thread is making me crave the mac and cheese they serve in the chow hall on base here. It’s BAD when something makes you crave chow hall food :eek:

:: looks nervously about, prepares to run for cover ::

When the aporkalypse comes, I’m gonna be as far away as possible.

My daughter ordered them the last time we were at Sonic. I tried them and they taste exactly like school cafeteria mac and cheese with a crunchy coating. Pretty good actually. Logically, it’s not that different than fried cheese sticks.

Fried Mac & Cheese are a staple of the appetiser platter at Toby Keith’s I Love The Bar And Grill in Las Vegas. I’m glad there aren’t any Sonic’s anywhere near here. Having regular access to such things would be…bad.


They ain’t got nuthin’ on Hardees. I remember they were talking on KDKA a few weeks ago on the morning news, about a new breakfast item:

-An omelet, with ham, bacon, sausage and sausage gravy, all wrapped up in a tortilla. Something like 900 calories. Blech.

It MIGHT be the Country Breakfast Burito, except it’s missing bacon and ham.

Either way, most of their stuff sounds absolutely revolting. One bite would have me stuffed.

Some of this stuff is bizarre. I tell you, with the food that’s out there nowadays, I’m waiting for the candy bar Homer Simpson once saw an ad for, which depicted “pure milk chocolate…a layer of farm-fresh honey…four kinds of sugar…[dipped] in rich creamery butter.” Either that or SBLOUNSKCHED! (Actually, that sounds pretty good- except for the pepperoni. Y2K turned out all right!)

Holy crap, Strongbad! It’s been forever since I’ve been to that site. :smiley:

MSG’D! :smiley: :smiley:

You say that like it is a bad thing.