silly dedication to one's political beliefs (Bush related)

I saw something today that made me think of a board member (who’s name I won’t mention, but should be obvious.) I saw a personalized license plate that said “BSH LYD”. Of course there were supporting bumper stickers.

I just find the mindset of this person hilarious. Can you imagine being so hung-up on your political beliefs that you get a special license plate? I wonder if the guy has anti-Bush tatoos.

To me, the bumper stickers are worse because you can always get rid of the license plate. Getting a sticker off would be harder.

Perhaps they lost a loved one in Iraq or on 9-11 and feel Bush is to blame. Maybe they just think it’s funny. I’ve seen dumber things out on the road.

I can’t imagine being so hung up on an artist that I’d get a tattoo of them or a personalized plate in tribute to them but to each their own.

What make and model was the car? I’ve always been a bit curious as to what Reeder drives…

wanna bet it was an SUV?

It wasn’t an SUV, but it was a Mercedes, which is kinda funny in itself some how.

I’ve seen two such plates around here (both Wisconsin): MPEACH W and NO CHADS (yeah, yeah, it should be ‘chad’). I got a kick out of them, and other than the cost of a vanity plate, I don’t see much of a difference between them and bumper stickers. How is a BSH LYD different than the anti-Chevy/ -Ford/ -whatever bumper stickers and plates? People choose to protest all sorts of things with their cars.

aurelian wrote

The difference is that a bumper sticker, you see at 7-11, pay 50 cents, and spend 1 minute applying to your bumper. A license plate, you spend 2 hours in line at the DMV, pay $90 up front, plus $65 extra every year until you go back to the DMV to spend another 2 hours and more bread to change it.

Well, I’m not one to put an anti-Chevy logo on my car either, but an anti-Bush plate is not really a message for the ages. Heck, it might even be completely irrelevant in a few months if someone new is elected. In the more likely case, maybe the owner will get a thrill from his plate for another 4 years.

Well, Bill, that would depend on what state you’re in. Here in North Carolina, pesonalized plates are pretty cheap, so nearly half the cars on the road have them. Back in Kentucky, they were fairly expensive (but I don’t think nearly so expensive as what you’re describing), so only those who felt pretty strongly about stuff bothered with them. And I’ve never spent two hours at the DMV for anything, even when renewing tags, transferring title, and paying taxes at the same time.

Am I the only one who thought of the old joke about the the guy with tattoo, the 2 nurses and the difference between ‘swan’ and ‘saskatchewan’?

One of my neighbors has a Kerry “bumper-sticker” on his back window. Easy to remove with a razor blade as this state is a lock for Bush. I suspect it’ll be gone by mid-November. It’s really easy to put a sticker on a car that can be removed easily.

CrazyCatLady wrote

True. Here’s the California prices. Most are cheaper than what I quoted above, but this particular one was on an American flag background, which is costlier.

I suppose that could depend on the state as well. I envy you.

What is BSH LYD supposed to mean? I gather that BSH must be Bush. What about LYD?

LYD = lied. Comes from the rather popular slogan, “Bush lied, people died.” Which happens to be true.

True, huh? Blame Congress for voting for military action.

There’s plenty of blame to go around for everyone involved.

Bush lied to Congress, too. I blame them for being taken in by weasel jabber.

Plenty of blame to go around, and yes, Congress should get their fair share for playing politics with their votes – still, the buck stops with The Liar In Thief.


Yeah, we should give a free pass to the FBI and CIA, as well as the intel from the previous administration. I mean, come on people! Bush should be omniscient!

Yes, let’s not forget how strenuously Bush resisted those relentless calls from Congress: “Why won’t our Chief Executive launch an assault against Iraq?! We in the Congress owe it to our constituents to use every means available to pressure the President to act!” In the face of this concerted outcry, Bush finally had to let go of all his internationalist, consensus-building philosophy, and was forced, tears rolling down his cheeks, to send the brave young soldiers into combat. Damn those war-mongers in Congress!

Yup, cuz Lord knows they couldn’t stand on the floor of the House or Senate and say why it was wrong to do so. :smack:

Oh, unless you take into account the foreign countries that had intel that led most to beleive taking out Saddam was a good thing. Shit, that history thing is a bitch, huh?