Silly line from Princess Bride

Paraphrased a little:

“I’m going to use my left hand. Only way to give me satisfaction. If I use my right…over too quickly.”

Bwaaaaa! dirty mind activates and giggles

When was that? Was that in the sword fighting scene?

If you’re as tired as I am, you may tickeld by the line as originally stated “I’m going to do him left handed. It’s the only way I can be satisfied.” (Oh, yeah, Inigo, let me satisfy you! heeheehee)

In answer to Nvme77’s post, it’s at the ruins just before Vezzini runs off with Buttercup and Fezzig and before Wesley finishes climbing the rope. Wow. I’ve watched that movie too damn many times. (And it’s too late to start it tonight. Sigh.)

I thought it was, “I’m going to fight him left-handed.”

Jack Sparrow voice That’s the one!

I was very tired last night. Probably why that line was so funny to me.

No, it’s definitely “do him”.
I’ve been a BIG fan of that movie since I was like ten and that never struck me as odd until just now.

you dirty dopers! :eek:

[side note]I used to be able to quote the move from “cough cough” to “as you wish” (read: beginning-to-end).
Really annoyed this one DM running a really boring campaign. :smiley: Him -“so you are attacked!” Me - “Drop…your…sword”[/side note]

Let’s not forget Buttercup’s peculiar insistence that “My Wesley will come for me.”

Does she really need to brag about it? That Princess Bride… a filthy movie.

I just checked my Princess Bride DVD, and Inigo definitely says “I’m going to do him left-handed.” (Don’t feel bad, ivylass, I thought that’s what he said too.)

See, this is what DVDs were really made for–so anal-retentive movie geeks like us can settle disputes without having to wear out the tape by fast-forwarding. :smiley:

Hey, harmless, I too used to be able to recite the whole thing and I once did it on fast-forward. I needed to get the wedding scene and quote it syllable for syllable and I was able to keep up with 85-90% of the dialogue while I watched it on fast forward. My roommate was a little freaked.

sad face I can just quote bits of it. Need to watch it a few more times.

However, I can wiggle my ears just like Bilbo in FOTR and say “Sacksville-Bagginses!” Fun to do at work when the boss is coming.

I always thought it was “DUEL him”, not “do him.” I recently got the movie on DVD, but I haven’t watched it yet with subtitles.

It’s definitely “duel him left-handed”. It’s sometimes a little hard to hear exactly what Mandy is saying through that accent.

Anybody want a peanut?

No more rhymes, I menis!

Quit bragging about your penis!

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Cajun Man
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Duel him?
DUEL him???

Nope, sorry. Won’t accept it.
I liked it better when Inigo wanted to “Do him” :smiley:

**Waenara** I always thought it was "DUEL him", not "do him." 
I recently got the movie on DVD, but I haven't watched it yet with subtitles. 

Seriously though, that’s an idea! I’ve had the DVD for over a year now and haven’t even watched it. :frowning:

Who wants to do a Princess Bride movie party?!
Those were the days.

You’d like to think that, wouldn’t you?

Incidentally, the whole “I’m not left handed” business is something of a fencers’ in-joke. It takes a tremendous amount of coordination to fence with your off-hand, because your posture, motions, and target area all become completely inverted. Dazzling your opponent with your skill and then announcing that you’re merely fighting with your off-hand is pretty much guaranteed to soil his breeches in a genuine duel to the death.

I am new so I didn’t see this thread on time but how could you forget the best line of all:

Vezzini: Haha… you fool! You fell victim to one of the classic
blunders. The most famous is: Never get involved in a land war in
Asia. Only slightly less well know is this: Never go in against a
Sicilian when death is on the line! :smiley:

But you forgot something else: “HahahaHAHAHA! clunk

Say, that didn’t rhyme at all. You no wanna play no ball?