Silly question - Childhood toy, British or Danish?

When I was very young my mother knew some people who went to England. This would be in the early or mid 70’s. They brought back a toy for me Pictured here.

It’s a palace guard that you can take apart and put back together again. Kind of neat. Anyway, on the bottom, as one of the pictures in the gallery shows, it says Palace Guard Denmark. I’m guessing it’s of a Buckingham Palace guard but it was made in Denmark. But then I wonder, does Denmark have palace guards similar to what’s in England?

Silly, I know, but I’m curious anyway.

Can you host the pic somewhere’s that not Facebook? Lots of british firms block access to social networking sites.

Crap, sorry about that. I’m soon going to make my own website, but until then Facebook and Myspace are the only places I can think to post the pics. I might be able to get my wife to post them on a non social networking site she belongs to. But it’s 2:33am my time so I’ll have to wait a few hours as she’s in bed and I will be shortly.

The dress uniform of the Danish Royal Life Guards is very similar to that of the British Foot Guards, except that their trousers are blue, rather than black.

So that does appear to be a Dane you have there.

Well I’ll be darned. I guess it’s a good thing I asked. Ignorance fought.

Question’s answered, but in case this sort of thing comes up again…

There are a bunch of image hosting services out there. I recommend for quick hosting of one or two images.

There’s a good picture of some Danish palace guards here (fourth photo down).

Yeah. And all this time I thought only British guards dressed like that.

Yeah, but I’d feel weird getting an account for temporarily showing an image or two.

Some Canadian regiments do too.

You don’t have to register to use Imageshack.

Your link goes to a facebook page–you might want to break that link.

? It goes to my Facebook page. I thought it went straight to the images. Oh well, I’ll use imageshack.

That’s why I recommend Imageshack - no registration.

Well, if your initials are JS, then I think it goes to your page. Do you want me to report the post and get a mod to break the link?

No, it’s my Facebook page. Anyway, I’m working on getting the pics on imageshack.

OK, try this Images on imageshack

OK. I was worried that you might not want that much info attached to you here:)

Thanks, but I don’t mind.

There is quite a cult of these wooden toys, look up Kay Bojesen, or Eames, there are plenty of others, and they are almost all of the Northern European extraction.

Some are highly prized and very collectable.

That is not British figure, it will be Danish, possibly German.