Silver Fire Hates Me! :(

It’s official. In this thread, a happy-go-lucky, care-free game of brutal torture turned tragic when I read this:

So, I’m currently here with a pile of roses, boxes of chocolate stacked up to my chest, and my best puppy-dog expression.

And now, the apology:

Silver, I apologize. I was having fun putting people in pain, and, in the heat of the moment, I did some things I’m not proud of. I’m sorry I forced you to talk to Silo! Please don’t hate me?


So, lemme get this straight. You’re virtually apologising because Silver Fire is virtually mad at you for tying her and Silo virtually up, forcing them to virtually face each other and virtually converse?

This I gotta see. And to think I thought I took this message board seriously.

Wow. And here I was thinking I was pathetic for posting about applesauce and eye injuries.

I don’t think I’d lose any sleep over it.

I think I’m gonna cut out the OP and paste it next to the word “pathetic” in my dictionary. :wink:


That virtually callous answer has virtually offended me!

I demand a virtual apology and a virtual beer from you!

Grumble, grumble… virtual bastard.

You can kiss my virtual hairy white butt, virtual deck cleaner!

This alone is enough to make me love Silver Fire.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! ::gasp:: HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! ::giggle:: Hehehehee… BWAHAHAHAHA!!! ::falls off her chair:: HAHAHAHAHA!!! ::wipes tears of laughter from her eyes:: Hehehehe…

Hi, Coldfire! Congratulations, BTW. :slight_smile:

Now, I too virtually hate Silver Fire due to blatent virtual smiley usage.

Pass the bong…

I would like to virtually apologize to ChiefScott for my smilie I used in this thread. {geeze that sentence looks naked, it needs something on the end to finish it…nahh!!!)

Coldfire, you left out that all this was virtually happening in a virtual torture thread. Yes, I was serious. :rolleyes:

“Take the message board seriously?” I started a thread about brunch, for Chrissakes.

Anyhoo, <bows> glad to make your days. I’m off to take an exam. <shudder>

Awww… Now I’m :(, ChiefScott. ::giggle:: :stuck_out_tongue:

Mmmm… Chocolate.

(Hey, Jester. I hate no one. Except Silo, of course.) :smiley:

Aw, sweetie, no one hates you!!

We all…loooooooooove you here. :wink:

That’s okay Silver we all hate silo :slight_smile:

Well, at least I’m not alone. :smiley:

Using my special “silverfire immortal life decoder™”, it says that the true meaning of the word “hate” is LOVE.

::Silo runs to the bathroom with an overwhelming urge to vomit::


Silo, I really feel bad for you. To think that you actually believe I want you.

Poor guy.

Whatever. :rolleyes:

:shutter:: I’m virtually hated!