Simpletown Mafia the Third

Is anyone interested in a new mafia game?
If so, sign up here, and I’ll run a simple game.

The game will be simple with basic power roles.


What are we looking at as far as day/night cycle times?

I think I would be interested.

1 week = one full cycle

I typically have Days end on Thursday Afternoon (EST) and Nights End sometime on Saturday Evening.

/in, please

ETA: But this may not get my full attention until next week.

Fair warning, I have travel coming up next month. However:


Hmm… travel eh?

yes, please! I’m gonna rip my face off if I have to stare at god damn cookie clicker!*** /IN***

The game will operate on a weekly schedule. Days will start at some semi-arbitrary point during the weekend after Saturday 4:00PM EST. All Night Actions received before 4:00PM EST will be considered valid. Night Actions received after Saturday 4:00PM may or may not be valid.

Days will end sometime after Thursdays 4:00 PM EST by the SDMB clock. All votes posted before 4:00PM EST by SDMB board time are guaranteed to be valid. Votes after 4:00PM EST may or may not be valid.

Vote LikeThis
Votes must be in bold blue, on a single line, by itself. Please don’t play hide the vote from the moderator. Everyone will be happier with accurate vote counts. (For strict interpretation, any vote in blue will be considered an intended vote. Bold, single line, by itself is a moderator request, not a requirement)

Unvote LikeThis
Unvotes are to be made in bold red, on a single line, by itself.

Messages to the moderator should be in bold green, on a single line.
However, the moderator encourages questions to the moderator to be sent via PM.

Lynches will be by plurality.
Ties are bad. Don’t do them.
Ties will be resolved by random lynch of those tied.
A No Lynch will occur if an uncontested plurality of votes accumulates for No Lynch. A tie with No Lynch will result in someone getting lynched as if the No Lynch votes didn’t exist at all.

Win Condition:
Individual win conditions will not change during the course of the game. Your team wins when all threats to your team are neutralized.

Closed Setup:
An inventory of roles will not be published.
The standard Town role PM is public information:

Welcome to Simpletown. You are a Simpleton. You win with the Town.
Stuff you should already know:

  • Game related communication outside the game thread is forbidden.
  • Be nice.
  • Only living players may post game relevant discussion to the game thread.

Come on folks! This is so much fun. Sign up!

You may want to consider cross-posting an announcement into the Game Room proper. A lot of folks interested in Mafia don’t actually venture into Thread Games without reason. I only noticed the thread because it happened to be on the front page.

Ooo ooo ooo me! I’ll play!



Prof. Pepperwinkle
Johnny Bravo
Fair Rarity

Rather than make you all wait, I’m inclined to start the game this weekend with the first Day ending on Thursday, 18 Feb.

Eight is Enough, though if others sign up before Saturday I should be able to accommodate.

I will be out of town until Monday, but will watch this thread and post via phone if we start over the weekend.

In please

/in, please, as well

Signups are now closed. The Roster of players includes:

Prof. Pepperwinkle
Johnny Bravo
Fair Rarity