Johnny Bravo's First Mafia Game Watch-Along Thread NO SPOILERS! [FORBIDDEN TO LIVE PLAYERS]

Let unfounded speculation unfold.

**Bio **there, with a bludgeoning *avant *on Hooker

Thank you, mod!

Lotta new people, and lots of pre-game banter. Should be interesting…

I can’t believe they are even discussing “no lynch”! It was a bad idea last game and even worse in this one. Actually I think it’s highly unlikely to come up as an issue this game, since we’re back to a sensible voting mechanic. “No lynch” was an effect of Dante’s game. Majority vote in such a short game with so many powerful roles forced people to have to come to a consensus or end up in no-info land. That isn’t really the case now.

I didn’t invent that particular set of tie-breakers: I found a list of common tie-breaker setups and picked that one because it seems the most likely to force the players into making an actual decision on Day 1. I agree that a Day 1 no-lynch is always going to be a bad idea for town in any kind of non-wacky setup.

So, lets see. Votes. I guess we have to start somewhere. (Probably some mistakes here and there and everywhere.)

It starts off with a couple of trigger-finger votes by Sario, HookerChemical and Suburban Plankton, on Prof. Pepperwinkle, Sario and Dante G. I think I’ll more or less disregard these.

HookerChemical unvotes Sario and votes WF Tomba. He is aware that his vote is weak.

**TexCat **sneaks in a vote on **Biotop **for posting towny shit.

**IRConfused **votes a (presumably?)joke-vote on Sario? Or am I also confused?

Precambrianmollusc votes on Prof. Pepperwinkle because of a joke. Or at least it very well could be.

Astral Rejection votes for lurking newbie. Sure isn’t looking for friends, but maybe for martyrs.

WF Tomba votes an OMGUS vote on Astral Rejection, which may be connected to a “case” not *yet *revealed by Astral.

We *choose *our wine, guys.

I must say, I now understand the appeal in running games.

Being the mod creates a concrete incentive to read through and keep tabs on the current arguments but without the actual responsibility of having to analyze posts for the purpose of creating new content. It’s perfect!

I’ve never modded a game before, how is the workload compared to being a player? I guess it depends on the player…

The hardest part was setup. I had to make the setup, try and balance it, then write all the role descriptions and so on.

Also, since there’s a 60-second lag between sending PMs, it took a long time to send all the roles. Also, I kept going back to make sure I hadn’t mistakenly sent the wrong one to the wrong person.

Now that the game is running, all I have to do is the occasional vote count and make sure none of the wolves are breaking the rules in their own thread.

I’m on page two. My early read is that WF Tomba has blatantly stated the Towniest Post so far. His post casting bizarre reasons for targeting Astral (good deceptive player) and Mahaloth (probably won’t post much) are really really bad reasons. These reasons are so bad, that I can’t imagine a scum even possibly trying to post these. Even if WF Tomba thought these were good reasons, I can’t see a scummy player taking that chance.

Astral Rejection really needs to get out of my head because I also thought Suburban Plankton’s vote for Dante G was a joke.

And now Astral and I finally diverge.
I think Dante G’s mistake is not a town indicator. At best for him it means nothing. But when people get themselves mixed up with someone else, a good explanation is scum knowledge. In other words, an attack on a scum teammate can be misinterpreted as an attack on ones self.

Not a clear cut case, but if anything, Dante G’s bizarre behavior is more indicative of scum than town.

I think I agree. Voting because of a “case” not even presented yet is bizarre. But it does suggest he’s highly paranoid!

And yeah, **Dante **is acting pretty weird. But then again, I remember him acting pretty weird and suspicious last time too.

I can’t say I’m a huge fan of “bold” Prof. P. Too many declarations, too little meat…

All in all, I think this game has been pretty chock full of bad reasoning so far…

Haha. To be fair to Dead Cat, s/he hasn’t been nearly as aggressive as I was my first game, and the Prof. ain’t rubbing me the right way either! He brought up “lynch the lurker” way too early and I say that as someone who’s pretty vocal against lurking. Two games is a very small pool of evidence, maybe he should read some former games himself! Last game, I knew Prof. P. was Town more or less straight away. The feeling he’s giving me now is pretty much the opposite. Too early to tell, though.

I’m gonna assume this means *regular ***Plumpudding **is totes delish, or else I’ll consider this to be slander.

Now I’m gonna stop talking about myself to myself. Hope some others join in next time I visit.

Noted. So if I ever try playing again and want to appear townie, I need to make really stupid cases.

No! It isn’t better!

I think this game is kinda slow, no-lynch would make it hell to watch.

I kinda liked IRConfused’s265. It’s one of those posts I would usually hate, since it’s without quotes or links. It’s just commentary, but I agree with some of it and he seems to have put in an effort into trying to allude to what he’s commenting on.

On the Prof. again: It might be nothing, but to me he reads very different this time than the two earlier games I had with him.

Biotop seems so far more or less as himself(null-tell). I’m slightly leaning town on TexCat, Other Cat, HookerChemical and Astral Rejection. Can’t tell more until we get some action.

So, Sario gets hung for excessive and repeated Sario-ing. Probably woulda been unlikely for him to be scum 3 times in a row, though - but, an easy first day vote for most.

It would have been more interesting to see Prof P get the vote today - I agree that he sounds off compared to the other games - like he’s trying to look like he’s playing the same way as when he was town.

Strange move by Hooker, trying to solicit suggestions on who a town power should investigate.

Good to know my name is now a synonym for lurking.

In my view your name is not necessarily a synonym for lurking, as I do not know you or how you play yet. I’d rather have prof. lynched for his strange facade and have you investigated. I’ve been away for the weekend, but it seems lynch the lurker isn’t flawless after all!