Simpsons 17 Feb 2008 (spoilers)

Once again they’re going for the 3 stories format. Shady & the Vamp alone makes makes this episode a classic. :slight_smile: The Simpdogs are so adorable!

The “release the hounds” candy heart and Burns’ face got this one off to a great start.

Maybe I just like Homer and Marge as criminals, because I liked the Mr. & Mrs. Simpson Halloween segments and I liked the Bonnie and Clyde story.* I got a couple of really good laughs from that one, especially “Even I’m offended by this, and I’m a fat Southern sheriff!”

“A nation crippled by unemployment and bored by Seabiscuit.” Heh.

I’m not sure what I think of the Lady and the Tramp parody. It was weird seeing them do the pasta joke - they covered the same thing in Two Dozen and One Greyhounds, and it actually took enough time that I was sitting there wondering “Well, they can’t share the noodle and growl at each other, so what’s going on here?” I also couldn’t figure out what song they were parodying there, but I haven’t seen the movie in 15-plus years.

I think the best part was Luigi serving food to all the animals. On the flip side, the Goofy joke might be one of the darkest in the show’s history. That was… odd. But I did like the way they tried to copy the look of the original movie.

I loved Bart’s look as Johnny Rotten, although really, that segment didn’t make any sense - chocolate doesn’t work as a substitute for smack and Nelson and Lisa’s story diverged just a little from the real story of Sid and Nancy. But hey, they made me laugh a few times. “We’re gonna go out and play our songs like we’ve never played them before- competently!”

*Actually, I think what I like is when Marge is excited about one of Homer’s ideas, because it almost never happens.

It was a fun one. I enjoyed it. I liked Shady and the Vamp the best.

Sucked. Sucked sucked sucked.

If for no other reason than the notion of recreating Sid and Nancy with children aged approximately ten and eight is beyond the pale, there wasn’t one damn funny thing the whole night.

“Beyond the pale”? Is this a joke? I didn’t think anyone really used this phrase seriously.

Is this performance art? Only people mocking other people use that phrase as far as I knew.

Besides the CBGC being “Comic Book Guy Club” made that segment watching at least.

Did you ever work at Amok Books, by any chance?

I really like it but I will say the Sid & Nancy story was the weakest.

My parents first date was to see Lady and the Tramp. For years in our house there was a print of the spaghetti scene. First thing I thought when I saw it tonight was how faithful to that look.

Oh, and I loved the Goofy bit.

“But I AM talking, I’m speaking english!”

“Yeah, sure you are…”

I thought doing lines of chocolate was pretty funny. And I like Lisa as Nancy, who was about as un-Lisa-like as you can get.

I read Deborah Spungen’s book “And I Don’t Want To Live This Life” about her daughter Nancy, but I did enjoy the third story, except for the weak ending. It’s 8:29 and I’m wondering “How they gonna end this?”

The stories were so-so, but the executions were delightful.

Pretty decent episode, but thanks Fox for having it run long, I missed the ending.

Bonnie & Clyde: Pretty funny, and Marge as a 1930s outlaw was kind of hot.
Shady & the Vamp: Laughed out loud. Moe makes a much better dog than he does a human.
Sid & Nancy: What the hell?

Anybody who didn’t find something to laugh at in this episode was having a really bad night or should just give up on the show right now, because this was one of the good ones.

Is it just me or did Lisa look larger in some scenes?

“Shut your gob.” --Homer

Great episode. The Sid and Nancy segment was worth it for Bart as Johnny Rotten alone.

I missed the end, too!

It didn’t end as much as it stopped. Sid reunites with the band, then tells Nancy "let’s go back to the hotel and get Snickerfaced. Perhaps the bit where he bludgeons her to death will be on the DVD.

It wasn’t classic, but overall I liked this episode. “Lady and the Vamp” was definitely the strongest segment; the Goofy gag was great, though I didn’t like the cop out at the end.

This is now the second recent episode that I’ve actually liked and laughed at. (I enjoyed the '90s flashback, too.) Dare I hope that we’re actually seeing a bit of a revival here?

Decent episode. I always like the segment shows.

“Now we are shooting the birds that are pecking at them!”

“You could have taken anything you wanted for free. You’re the co-owner!”

“Bank Manager: Why are you shooting at us? We complied with everything you said!
Homer: It’s a sex thing!”
Bank Manager: Say no more!"

Moe as a dog: “Well, that problem is solved.”
“Wanna sniff each others’ butts?”

All of the chocolate as drugs gags.

Anyone identified the song yet in the Lady/Tramp gag?

Good one liners.

From the Bonnie and Clyde segment: “This is Texas, future home of Hakeem Olajuwon.”

From “Shady and the Vamp”:

Lisa: “Come on, let’s go find Dad!”
Bart" “Yeah, he’s got to teach me to lick my – wait, figured it out. You go on ahead.”

Dang it!

I wanted to hear what else was bollocks!

I totally missed that line. How hilarious!