Simpsons Hit & Run...PS2 or Gamecube?

Seems the new Simpsons video game is a GTA type game and is apparently pretty good. I’m finding it hard to resist. But which version is better, the PS2 version or the Gamecube version? Or does it not make a difference? Thanks.

I doubt it makes much difference. This kind of game rarely pushes the technology of any system, so I reckon it’ll look pretty similar on all the platforms. I’d go with the system whose controller you prefer. :wink:

The GC has slightly better graphics, though the sound is a bit more compressed. GC has faster loading too. However, Xbox has the best version overall.

I just started playing it last night… there are so many great in-jokes packed into the game scenery and the missions. Now THIS is how a Simpsons video game should be!

Don’t have an XBox. I’m more used to the GC controller, so I’ll be looking for the GC version (unless I can find it cheaper for the PS2 :)).

Thanks for the input.