Simpsons Movie- real or April Fool's joke?

The Hollywood Reporter announced today that Fox’s new film Ice Age: The Meltdown has an attached trailer for an upcoming The Simpsons movie to be released in July 2007. The producers have said they were in the early stages of making a movie, and the description of the trailer sounds like it could be legit- it sounds like the right type of humor. But then I realized what day it was. Is this trailer really attached to Meltdown, or is it an early April Fools’ joke?

The movie is real. It’d be weird to have a fake rumor about a trailer, but I guess this is easily confirmed or debunked.

On the other hand, both IMDb and Wikipedia say the film will be out in 2008, not 2007. But there’s conflicting information out there and both sites can be wrong about these things.

Various commentators on Ain’t It Cool News’ forums have said they have seen Ice Age today and the trailer is on some prints of the film. So it appears the announcement is official.

OTOH, there have been rumors about this movie floating around out there for well over a decade. I’ll believe it when I’m sitting in the theater.

Apparently, there are two different trailers floating out there on Ice Age prints: one with Homer on a couch snoring, and one which appears at first to be a trailer for Superman Returns. One or both may follow another attached Fox trailer for [Sideshow Bob shudder] Garfield 2.

Just as an update, Wikipedia lists the Simpsons/Ice Age pairing on a list of real events that were mistaken for April Fool’s Day hoaxes. Some real confirmations apparently went around.

So you’ll buy tickets to a movie you don’t believe exists? Hey, whatever floats your boat.

It would be pretty awesome if the movie was ‘released’ and at the big opening, the projector starts up, and shows Matt Groening sitting down, looking kind of smug for a little, then finally says “You’ve just fallen for the longest April Fools joke in history.”

That is, it would be awesome unless you had actually bought tickets to that.

I saw the Preview Yesterday (tooks the kids to see Ice Age II) and trailer indicated that Simpsons was do out for summer of 2007.


Tonight’s episode of The Simpsons confirmed it by showing the trailer.

And telling people to go to where I could find absolutely nothing about the flick.