Simpsons Quote

“You got any wet wipes, Hon? I gotta freshen up.” Which episode, please?

I’m pretty sure that was in Viva Ned Flanders…Homer’s Vegas wife. Maybe Ned’s.

Or it could be Brawl in the Family, where the Vegas Wives showed up out of the blue.

Thanks, Tengu!

Ned’s Vegas wife, from her second appearance, in “Brawl in the Family” (the sequel to “Viva Ned Flanders”):

Ned: Well, Ginger, sure is, um, neat that you managed to hunt me down.

Ginger: Where’s the bed?

Ned: [prays] Oh, Lord, I know my new wife is a little more … peppermint than you’re used to, but, uh, I know you’d want me to honor my sacred vows, so I’ll …

Ginger: Hey, stud, where do you keep your Wet Ones? I need to shower.

Ned: Oh, we’ve got a real shower upstairs.

Ginger: Upstairs? I hit the jackpot!

Awesome, BE!