Simpsons SpringShield episode, what the heck was that song?

You know which one, the song they play for a musical interlude when Fat Tony and his buddies are on their way to kill Homer. It’s maddenly familiar, but I am drawing a complete blank.

Please help…

Wasn’t it “Woke up this morning” by Alabama Three, from The Sopranos?

There was a whole Sopranos thing going there.

I believe the song you’re talking about is Woke Up This Morning by A3. Probably the reason it’s familiar to you is because it’s the theme song for Sopranos, or something like that.


I can’t believe I couldn’t think of it.


While we’re asking Simpsons musical questions - who the hell is actually singing when P-Squared (That’s the Par-tay Po-ssay) were on? Was it N’Sync (aside from their cameo appearance in the episode) who did the vocals or anonymous studio musicians?

I loved that whole bit in the SpringShield episode… they didn’t just use the intro song, they basically recreated the Sopranos intro while Fat Tony was driving, right up to when he gets out of the car.

sigh That’s why I love the Simpsons…


I missed an episode of The Simpsons that goofs on The Sopranos?!?!?!

Oh, well. At least I’ll be able to watch it on DVD …

in the year 2017.

After the Sopranos song, you can hear some chords of "Do Not Forsake Oh My Darlin’ " playing in the background. The episode was also a great parody of High Noon.

That episode forced me to change my sig.