Simpsons Vs Family Guy

Who is the stupider father, Homer Simpson or Peter Griffin?

Which wife puts up with the most crap, Marge Simpson or Lois Griffin?

Who is less popular in school? Lisa Simpson or Meg Griffin?

Who is more devious? Bart Simpson or Stewart Griffin?

Who is more of an evil genius? Sideshow Bob or Stewart Griffin?

Who would win in a dog fight, Santa’s Little Helper or Brian Griffin?

please feel free to add your own questions but answer some of these. :slight_smile:

I don’t think Peter is stupid, just really immature, as you can see when he makes himself throw up with his finger.

Marge does. A lot of times, Lois goes along with it.

Meg. Lisa has at least some friend (Jamie, the Twins).

Stewart. Bart has never tried to kill anyone.

Stewart. Bob never built a time or weather machine.

Brian, he fights dirty, as seen in his fight with Stewie. Plus he’s a mean drunk. That could give him the edge.

Here’s a question.

Both Homer and Peter have done things to anger God by making themselves godlike. Who was worse?

Thanks for answering my questions…that did give me another idea before I go to sleep and that is…

Worst alchoholic, Barney Gumble or Brian Griffin?

I’m going to have to go with Brian. At least Barney knows he’s an alchoholic and has tried to stop, whereas Brian just keeps going. I mean, he’s not drunk, he’s “just tired from staying up all night drinking.”

(I know Peter said that, but he was also talking about Brian, and Brian agreed with him.)

I’m going to have to disagree with you RandMcNally. Barney is a worse drunk. He’s fat, unkempt, and spends most of his time at Moe’s. Brian can usually function normally, because he doesn’t drink all the time, and he gets out more.

In the early Simpsons, I’d have to agree with you. But lately, Barney has given up drinking. He realized that it was a bad thing, and has tried to clean himself up. Brian, on the other hand, is oblivious to his problem.

(Or did Barney go back, and I missed those episodes? I haven’t watched the Simpsons in a while.)

I didn’t ask any questions about Christopher Griffin…The only one I can think of now is who is more likely to go into the old man’s basement to get a popsicle, Milhouse Van Houten or Christopher Griffin?

RE: Peter vs. Homer…

Homer’s stupidity is based on obliviousness, whereas Peter’s is just a total lack of social graces. Not quite different, but Peter has gotten quite clever when he’s needed to… would Homer have been able to direct Anna & the King, for instance? :smiley: