simpsons was actually good tonight

wow, simpsons was actually good tonight… not too shabby…

Not too shabby? It was freakin’ awesome! The allusion to “Requiem for a Dream” was beautiful! And when they had to fight over the last Ribwich?

Homer: “Welcome to the real world, Hippies! Hiya! Cha!” (kicks and punches ensue)

Amazing. Simply Amazing.

Yeah, that’s what it was…Requiem for a Dream…that’s what I thought it was but after seeing it I wasnt’ sure…

the 301st (303rd) episode was much better than the 300th (302nd)

Both of them were funny. I liked Bart’s “Baby Stinkbreath” commercial, the Butterfinger gag, Puppy Goo-Goo, the auto-skateboard, and the reference that it’s really the 302nd episode in the first, and the Ribheads (nice play on the Dead’s followers), Lisa’s dream of college muses (is Brwynmar really full of lesbians?), and the 3M-M&M merger ironygag in the second.

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I didn’t think the 300th was that good, but I loved the 301st. The Requiem For a Dream reference had everyone in the room rolling on the floor.

Don’t get me started on the Seven Sisters jokes… us Swarthmore students got a huge kick out of those, especially the Bryn Mawr girl. :slight_smile:

In other news, 3M and M&M have merged to form…Ultradyne Systems!

I don’t get it.

It’s irony. You expect the new company to have Ms in it, 5M or something. It doesn’t.

Paris is no more.

They certainly got off to the right start… the Simpsons jumped a shark! Literally!! :smiley:

this line made me laugh more than the show has done since season 8. Even my mom laughed out loud at it, and she never laughs at anything.

I’m taking the guess that FOX is counting Who Shot Mr. Burns as one episode, and forgetting that either A Star Is Burns (the 30 minute The Critic commercial) or The Principal And The Pauper don’t exist. Or maybe they’re just dirty liars trying to get sweeps ratings.

“Think smaller and more legs.”

Freakin’ hilarious.

No, I think that there have been two special holiday episodes. The original Christmas one for sure and I guess another one that are counted.

I really liked both episodes.

I missed the “Requiem For a Dream” reference. I was imagining a close up of Marge’s face as she gets shock therapy, but it must have been more subtle than that. Someone clue me in?

The first time Homer eats a Ribwich, there’s the drug use effect from Requiem For a Dream (the whole “fast-cutting-between-shots-with-sound-effects” thing).

… and Homer’s eyes getting bigger, and then cut away :D.

Did the “I want to divorce my parents” line remind anyone else of the Rob Reiner movie North?

If they’d wanted to keep it really true to “Requiem”, they’d have had Homer going ‘ass to ass’ with, uh, I guess Smithers for one last Rib-let Sandwich. Probably just a mite too disturbing, even for FOX though.

I know Barney wasn’t drunk so what was he drinking? I didn’t catch it.