Sims 2 Expansion Packs- Your Preference?

Basically, which is more fun & has more variety? Nightlife or University? Supply details, please!

I have Nightlife (which is the newest one, I believe) but not University. I’ve heard from my step brother that Nightlife has more stuff and is just generally better.

However, I’ve noticed that a lot of mods require that you have University installed. If you’re into that sort of thing that is.

If you can afford it get both. I know that you needed to install the expansions from the first Sims game in order or there would be problems. I am not sure how that would work for Sims 2.

You could also borrow University from a friend or relative and install it. Then buy Nightlife and install that. You’ll only need the most recent expansion disc to run the game. Then you could buy University later when you have the money.

I wasn’t that crazy about Uni at first, but now I like it. I can honestly say I like Uni and Nightlife about evenly. I like Uni because of the “young adult” option, and because going through Uni puts your sims on the fast track in their career of choice. Of course, for some sims, you don’t need that, and I don’t put all my sims through Uni.
Nightlife has some nice community lots, and I like how they changed the phone book. I like the dating options too. I do not, however, like the stupid vampires. But they’re easy enough to stay away from.
You may or may not already know this, but the next expansion pack will be out next week. It’s called “Open for Business.” They’re also planning to release another object pack, similar to the one for Christmas. I did not personally buy the holiday one. I probably will buy the next one though, and I’m sure I’ll end up with all the expansion packs. It keeps the game fresh for me.

FYI, the latest, Open For Business, is due out in a week or two.

Otherwise, I like Nightlife better.

Really? I liked the vampires. Of course I always made certains Sims for the specific purpose of becoming a vampire. Then I’d infect the neighborhood…

No, I don’t like them at all. That’s just not my kind of thing. One of the things I like about the Sims is that it’s more realistic than other games. Sure, some of it takes detatchment from reality, but less so than other games. If I wanted to play fantasy games, that’s what I’d buy.

If I had to choose only one, Nightlife would be it. Dates and outings make popularity Sims fun to play. Parties were always lame. I do like University; all of my Sims go to college and get their extra slots and careers.

I am excited as I get Open for Business today! Anyone else getting it?

Thank you for reminding me that it was coming out. I wouldn’t have know about Open For Business at all if I hadn’t gotten a notice from Amazon. They get over here a few days after the American release, so I’ll probably pick up a copy this weekend.

Are the system requirements the same as the previous ones?

I pre-ordered my Open for Business from Amazon a few days ago (I had a gift certificate to use). To those who will get it sooner: let me know how you like it!

Outside of the Business bits, I am looking forward to the new roofs and foundation options.

Yeah, I’m pretty much always more excited for new objects, floors, walls, clothing, etc. than I am for anything else in a new expansion pack. I find myself getting into ruts and always using the same stuff, so it’s nice to have some new options to change it up with. Operating a business might be fun, though. It sure will be different from sitting and waiting in triple speed while our sims are at work!

The thing I liked about Nightlife was that by dating you can gain aspiration points quite reliably. I had some sims before that I could get into a romantic mood and make each other a lot of points, but sometimes it seemed like there was no warming some sims up. Also, the furious interactions mean that there are a lot more fights and interesting relationship dynamics. We never let our sims be too mad at each other or be mean to each other, but with the furious interactions when you are out on the town, anything can happen.

The thing I could do with out is out of wedlock pregnancies are no longer allowed. Damn Jack Thompson to Hell.

Seriously? No out of wedlock pregnancies? What is this, 1954? I definitely do not like that change.

The furious interaction/making enemies has made my game difficult at times. I’ve been toying with legacy families and I’ve had two instances when in-laws do not get along with their son-in-law. Well, it was specifically Abhijeet who did not get along with his mother-in-law and then did not get along with his son-in-law. They were fighting constantly. It does seem like they can get furious pretty quickly.

What? I’ve got Nightlife and I my sims often have out of wedlock pregnancies. Of course, I also have the InTeeminator and InSiminator mods, so I don’t know if those affect it.

Nothing was changed in NL about out-of-wedlock pregnancies; I have many in my games with both expansions installed. Maybe you downloaded a wonky hack, lee; hacks get packaged with lots that go onto the exchange if the uploader isn’t smart enough to remove their hacks folder before uploading a lot. You can use this program to scan your downloads folder to check for hacks that got renamed bunchanumbersandletters upon install and delete them - not just hacks but custom recolors, bodyshop stuff, floors and walls too - if you don’t want them in your game, or to move them to another folder while you test to see if they caused the problem.

At the moment I don’t have a preference. I’m not overly thrilled by Uni or NL, but I knew I was buying them mostly for the objects as soon as I read descriptions of them; NL is just a retread of one of my two least favorite Sims I expansions with cars and Vampires, and the college students do almost nothing in University.

I have high hopes for Open For Business, though. With the first game Superstar and Makin’ Magic were my favorites, and it sounds more like the semi-goal-oriented play that was fun in them than the first two expansions did. The things you can make look neat, and Servo’s back!

I actually grew bored of the Sims relatively quickly. More of a Simcity man myself.

It is a pretty cool concept though. I created a pair of Sims that looked and acted like my girlfriend and me and put them in a house that looked like our appartment. It ended…badly. :frowning:

I prefer Nightlife. I was always waiting for my sims to be attracted to one another autonomously, though.

If you want more careers and more time for your sims, get University.
If you want more partying and aspirations for your sims, get Nightlife.

If you are like me, sniffle because you’re a sims addict and the newest EP is not delivered yet… You’re obviously not like me.
How I envy you. :wink:

Oh, but it got delivered yesterday and the guide is to be delivered today. The build features are interesting, but KellyM spent most of the time working on Alexander Goth’s business. He makes robots and his wife Lilith makes toys. Their daughter Hecuba helps out on the cash register when she is not honing her skills and dating her boyfriend. Her little brother Hector has been just working on his skill and school.

I assumed lee meant that out-of-wedlock pregnancies wouldn’t be allowed with the Open for Business expansion. I have Nightlife too, and have definitely had my share of out-of-wedlock pregnancies!

I have both University and Nightlife. I think I like them both about the same. I like the chance to add skill points to the Young Adults in college and the fast track careers. Nightlife is just plain fun. I don’t care much for the Vampires. I tried to play one and it was too hard to keep them alive.

I’m looking forward to OFB, mostly for the new objects, roofs, etc. I don’t know how much I’ll actually have my Sims running their businesses. For me, new objects and interactions are what I look forward to the most. I’d like to see a Pets EP, similar to Unleashed from The Sims, but with more interactions and control. I’d also like to see more toddler interaction. I think they are so much fun.