Sims 2 next expansion: Bon Voyage

From the official Sims 2 site :


From Snooty Sims :

I LOVE the Far East theme - that will go perfect with so many of my families!
Vacation was one of my favorite expansions from the original The Sims, so I’m excited about it. :slight_smile:

Although Brandine and Cletus Spears kicked off to the big trailer park in the sky, maybe one of their children will be able to visit an exotic location some day.

I still have Brenda and Willie Nelson kicking around, though they are teetering on the edge…perhaps they have enough Elixir of Life to make it to one really nice vacation. :stuck_out_tongue:
Oh! I wonder if your Sims can die while in vacation…then you could have a haunted hotel. :smiley:
I’m assuming there will be three new districts for these locations. I really hope they allow for some ocean swimming with this one. It was frustrating in Vacation to be there right on the beach but you couldn’t send your Sims in for a swim. I mean, they could mark off an area for it in the water - like they do IRL when there’s an undertow.
There are tutorials for swimmable lakes and stuff for users already, so why not? :slight_smile:

Update from the official site:

There are also four new screen shots, the first showing a hotel interior, complete with maids and bellhops. There’s a very stylish Sim* taking a picture with a small camera (wonder if that will be a new Inventory item like the MP3 players and handheld games) and new furniture and building decor - very tropical looking.

The second shows Sims playing with fire while wearing grass clothing. BBQ Sims anyone? :stuck_out_tongue: I do love the costumes, especially the tattoos. I imagine they’re part of the outfit though, like that one Paranormal Career Track outfit. The new lush tropical plants look great and it shows a bit of beach in the background. As my above post, I hope the Sims will be able to get out some into the ocean with this expansion.

I’m not even sure what to say about the next pic other than it’s just disturbing in so many ways. It’s a very country scene where it looks like lumberjacks are doing a jig in front of a huge Paul Bunyon-type statue that looks like it’s about to murder them all and spread their innards on his flap jacks. :eek:
There is one Sim off to the side with a cute hiking backpack though.

Last pic shows a group of Sims doing a Tai-Chi type exercise in an Eastern themed room. I have so much of that type decor I’m actually not sure what’s new and what just looks like stuff I already have from downloads. The alter with the two dragons has to be new, as well as flower decoration in the corner, but I’m not sure about the hanging lamps, wallpapers and floor coverings.

  • Gotta love the fanny pack and the socks with sandals look. :smiley:

I love the Tai Chi. I wonder if that can be used at home. I’m also curious to see if the pictures the sims take can be viewed in the photo album.

I’m wondering also how the camera will work - can you only take pics of the new ‘cultural landmarks’ or of anything. I like the Career Reward camera that’s in the game now, but first you have to unlock it (though that’s easy enough if you don’t mind cheating) and then it’s kind of bulky to keep out for use.

Lots of new info, gathered from around different Sims communities and holy crap! this game is gonna be hot! :cool:
I think it will change things up even more than Nightlife and Seasons!

Forgive all the cut-n-paste but my internets hand is out of commission. (definitely check out the pictures!):

New video and screenshots at the official US site.

Pre order incentives thus far;
Hula Happiness Skirt for children from (UK)
Brite Nite Camping Lantern; the fun won’t stop when the sun sets on your Sims’ campground with this durable lantern. This exclusive item will be yours when you pre-order The Sims 2: Bon Voyage from



That looks like a really great xpack. Almost a whole new game.

wow, that is a lot of new features. besides all the vacation stuff, I am SO GLAD Sims can finally get married on community lots!! really, who the hell gets married at their house? (not that there’s anything wrong with it, but it is rather boring that you don’t even have a choice!)

and I can’t wait to see the new turn-ons/-offs. I think it’s dumb that the only ones we have now have to do with physical, changeable traits.

anyway, yay for bon voyage, and here’s hoping that it’s the last expansion, because my god, I spend way too much money on this game. :wink:

Tell me about it. I just bought within the last year 2 new Radeon 7900 gt cards and they aren’t even listed as supported. :rolleyes:

This is just like a completely new game with all the goals you can achieve now. I kind of like the time is limited because I’d be tempted to keep my Sims there indefinitely.

My first vacationing family will be visiting Takemizu Village for a 7 day stay. It’ll probably be my Tanaka family visiting their homeland. I wonder if I put ol’ grandma’s urn into an inventory, if I would be able to leave her there…kind of like returning her body home. :stuck_out_tongue: It does say they can die while on vacation, so why not?
I might could dump a few bodies that way by the time Bon Voyage releases. :smiley:

Well, turns out I was wrong about that. I just wasn’t looking in the right place. :o

There’s some new info from thechat held last Thursday.
Some highlights:

The new camera is very similar to the University camera. The Snapshots will be added to your family photo album UI and you will be able to order individual prints or put your favorite 8 images into the album from your computer at home.

The new game launcher will NOT require you to be connected to the internet as many have feared.

Toddlers, Babies, & Pets cannot go on vacation. When you plan a vacation you will be given the choice to leave the toddler at home with an adult or elder of your choosing or you can decide to hire a nanny for the duration of the vacation.

Children can learn the local gestures and dances, Tai Chi and how to teleport.

Sims can get married on Vacation lots as well as Community lots now. Your Sims vacation can be a honeymoon - supposedly they get an actual Want and have a memory of the Honeymoon.

Sims can get pregnant whilst on vacation, but will not deliver until they return to their home lots.

Sims can die whilst on vacation.

Your Sims can own more than one vacation home in different locations and you can build custom vacations homes. Your Sims will be allowed to be saved while at Hotels, Vacation Homes or Campgrounds.
You can modify unowned vacation homes and community lots. When you own a vacation home you have to visit it to be able to modify it (like open for business). Hotels are like Dorms and can be redecorated but you have to use cheats to actually rebuild them.
Even if you own a vacation home you can still only vacation there. You cannot live in any of the vacation neighborhoods.
Sims can live on a beach lot, though. You can use one of the terrains provided that can accommodate beaches to build a neighborhood. Not all neighborhoods will accommodate beach lots.

The official Vacation Destinations are:
Twikki Island (a tropical paradise)
Takemizu Village (the Far East)
Three Lakes (a mountain town)

It is possible to make custom vacation neighborhoods, but only the pre-made ones we provide will have the secret lots.

New NPC’s include:
Tour Guides
Ninjas (you can learn his ways if you can pass his worthiness quiz)
Big Foot
Bell Hops
Wise Old Men
Witch Doctor

Hotels are very similar to Dorms. You get first choice of rooms before other people arrive. As people check into the hotel with you their room will disappear. You will be able to knock on doors like you did in University.
The room price is based on the stuff in the hotel room and the size of the hotel room. Each hotel description has a little guide to how expensive it is to stay at it. It helps when planning your trip
You can reserve as many or as few rooms as you want. You can make 8 Sims share 1 room or get them each their own.

All weather will occur in your vacation neighborhoods (assuming you have Seasons, of course).

There aren’t mosquitoes but you might run into some Bees if you aren’t careful…

Most of the new vacation objects will be available to use on home lots; they just might have different functionality when you’re on vacation.
You can use the new tents to camp in your back yard on your home lots, even.
You can have tea at home. Just buy the tea table and place it in your house
Sims can now Woohoo in the tent, sauna and hammock.

Each of the new food booths offers unique local foods! Eating new foods in each place can contribute to your Vacation Mementos. Sims unlock mementos on their travels and build up their “savvy traveler” status.

Jewelry can be worn by Toddlers and up. Jewelery is like Clothing. You can buy individual pieces from a Jewelry Rack. For a jewelry store with Open for Business you will just use jewelry racks. Jewelry will not appear in your Sim’s inventory.

Guests - Your non-family guests you invite on Vacation are selectable so you can see their wants and needs but you cannot directly control them.

If you run out of cash while on vacation, you’ll actually get a bill when you get home.

After the fan event some people still had questions, so MaxoidDrea posted an additionalQ&A thread on Bon Voyage.

And finally it seems the Thursday chat also left many Simmers questions unfulfilled, so MaxoidDrea over at the official BBS held a chat thread to answer more questions. :slight_smile:

It’s closed now, but here’s some of the more pertinent info for those who don’t feel like wading through it;
You can place hotels in your base neighborhood. Your Sims can check into them and sleep there but they cannot save there.

There aren’t new deaths but there are bees and poison ivy!!

You have to leave someone home with the pets. You can choose to leave a Sim at home or you can hire a nanny.

Sims always apply some sun screen before sunbathing. It doesn’t affect whether you burn or tan though.

You can run a business on a beach in your home neighborhood if your neighborhood has space accessible for beach lots.

When a family leaves for vacation you will load into your vacation lot during the same season “segment” as it was when you left. So if you leave during season 2, you’ll get to vacation and it will also be season 2.
Think of it this way.

You can still change your seasons in your vacation neighborhoods if you wish.

Bigfoot is totally controllable!

You will be able to build relationships with NPCs on vacation. Once you’ve gone home you’ll be able to invite those Sims over as house guests for 3 days or you can always just talk to them on the phone.

New vacation foods are not available on Nightlife restaurant menus. You can only get them on vacation.

You can’t fish in the ocean.

You can hire a nanny to take care of kids that you leave at home to go on vacation. You can also take your kids to a vacation home and hire a nanny if you want to go out without them.

There are 14 new Turn Ons/Turn Offs (though most of them are still things that you can change, there are supposedly some ‘permanents’ like ‘Servo’)

Time will be suspended at home for the Sims you did not take on vacation. You can’t play that lot until you take all the Sims back home.

If you place travel souvenirs on a shelf in a certain combination, something may happen. Example given; if you have 5 far east souvenirs on the rack, Sims in the nearby area can build skill faster.

You can not control Sims that are not in the household when a Sim is booking a trip; friends or family. You can’t control anyone that is not living in the house at the time when you go on Vacation.

You can play the household of a Sim that is not already on vacation as a controlled Sim. If you take Dina Caliente on vacation and invite Don Lothario you can still go play as Don Lothario.

While on vacation, you will be charged as you go. If you run out of money the remaining balance will be sent home in a bill.

Jewelry cost 50 simoleons.

You can have a jewelry store. You can’t sell individual jewelry items but you can sell from the jewelry rack.