Since there is a possibility some of you may be concerned...

…about my relationship with my wife and the strong possibility I may be leaving these forums soon over moderator abuse of power in this thread, I thought I’d let you know things seem to be turning back around.

I was afraid that my 4 month old marriage might come to an end soon, my wife was considering separation and saying that we had nothing in common, and I couldn’t seem to do or say anything to change her mind. Well, she went to see her doctor again soon and mentioned her recent moodiness, and he explained that her taking synthetic progesterone to regulate her menstrual cycle (she hadn’t had a period in about two years) was basically giving her two years worth of PMS at once. He prescribed her some anti-depressants and now things are pretty much back to normal, and I am very relieved. We are still going to get some marriage counseling later this month, because there are some things we should probably work out to make our marriage stronger, but I am no longer in fear of losing her.

I’m happy for you, Badtz. I hope things continue to improve.

Thanks! One thing that’s actually kinda good about this is that I had been asking myself if I was really in love with her, and having to face the possibility of losing her has convinced me that I do.

BTW, I’m probably not leaving, it has been pointed out to me that there were no threats of banning in the thread that was bothering me, I misremembered what was said.

Thanks for posting that Badtz. To tell you the truth, I was worried for you and your missus, even though I don’t really know you. Damn these message boards

I’ve got to say this, though.
2 years’ worth of PMS at once?
Shit. One month’s worth of PMS and I’m throwing things and advising my partner to seriously consider his ability to function in an adult relationship. Well, I don’t do that every month, but this last one was a bad one.

I’m glad that things are getting better. Good luck and all that.

thanks for the update. After your thread about visiting the baby doc (and not Baby Doc Duvalier) I’ve been wondering how that went. I was also (secretly) wondering if trying to have a child during a “marital crisis” so to speak, was a great idea. I would never bring it up, however, because it’s none of my damn business. I am in no position to judge or comment on any of your decisions. I just know from experience that having a child is such a strain on a relationship (due mostly to lack of sleep) that it almost never helps it along.

At any rate, I’m glad that things are looking up for you and the Mrs.

I’m also glad you’ll be hanging out here; I dig your posts.

Woosh! That sounds hopeful.

Good to hear you’ll be staying around too.

That’s great news, Batz. Really glad to hear it :slight_smile:


Glad to hear things are working out. Biochemistry is a nasty thing and it’s a wonder even more of us aren’t out of whack.

Glad you’re sticking around, too, especially since I agree with you more than I disagree with you.

On which of us does that reflect worse?

I’m really glad to hear things are working out with your marriage. Although I don’t tend to agree with you often, I really like having you around so I’m glad you’re staying here, too! Good luck with your wife and with the baby making!

I had to take a progesterone supplement in December. It had only been 4 months without a period for me. I was scheduled for a business trip out of state on Jan 2. I was so emotional (cried and cried) the week and a half before. Difference thought, I clung to Tygr completely. I totally understand what she has gone through. I think Tygr even got emotional with me.

Anyway, I’m happy everything is improving for you. May all go well! :slight_smile:

Big sigh of relief.

And all this time we were thinking it was actually your medication that needed adjusting.