Since we're on the subject: urinal vs stall

This thread got me thinking:

there seems to be a group of guys here at work that always go to a stall to piss(they ain’t sittin, still standing)


all it does is create the potential to make a mess

Do they not know how to use a urinal or are they scared to urinate “in the open”?

Stall guy.

I just like having a bit of privacy, that’s all. If the stalls are all in use, I will use a urinal, but it’s just not my preference.

Oddly, I think this was the subject of my very first post on the Dope.

I prefer a nice tree, but if I’m in civilized society, I prefer the urinal. I know a lot of stall guys though. I wonder if a bashful bladder thing has something to do with that?

And yes, bashful bladder is an actual medical-ish term.

Those who use stalls (cubicles) for urination are all paranoid homophobes with micropenises.

There, settled.

Not true. Some of us are merely planting eavesdropping for blackmail purposes.

I’m a fat guy, and it’s a pain in the ass to take a whiz without fully unbuckling my belt, which I prefer to do in private, so I’m a stall guy.


Stall, for the following reasons:

  1. Depending on the urinal, splashback can be an issue.
  2. One day when I had not gotten enough sleep and I was out of it, I walked up to a urinal with other people using the adjoining urinals. It was there that I discovered that I had put my boxers on backwards and didn’t have a flap to use :smack:. Do you know how awkward it is to walk up to a urinal, stand there for a second without peeing, leave and head immediately to a stall?

Take a close look at the floor around the urinal next time you’re in there. I bet you’ll see quite a bit of urine there.

That’s another reason for using the stall. If you have a bag or briefcase, or you’re wearing a heavy coat, usually the stall door will have a hook on it that you can hang it up on. If you use the urinal, you either have to set your bag away from you and out of your immediate control, or on the floor soaking up pee.

My research does not bear this memory out.

I’m a stall guy with a a large backpack, overweight, with a belt buckle, and a bashful Sphincter. Doh! (-_-)
I can pee just fine with people around me, but I can’t poop if anyone else in in the bathroom that I know. Or if I walked in with them. Or if I made eye contact with them before I entered the stall. Or if I recognize the voice as I’m sitting in the stall and they just entered. It’s a PAIN in the ass, and I hate myself for it, because if I’ve got 5 mins to go before I gotta get to my next class and someone walks in- it’s just a killer- cuz now I’ve got to wait for them to leave.

But I’ve gotten better- as a Kid I NEVER used public bathrooms- I’d always hold it until I got home, to the point of where this would cause severe pain and cramping. So I view this as progress. But if I have to pee- it’s just easier to use the Stalls, and I’ll always do it unless there’s a handicapped person there, and they need the stall.

It depends on traffic. If I’m on my own or there are only a couple of other guys in there, I go to a urinal. If the place is packed, I head to a stall. I occasionally have issues with stage fright for some reason.

I absolutely HATE using urinals, and will generally wait for a stall to open up even if there is an open urinal. Why, you ask? Multiple reasons:

  1. Urinal splashbacks… yuck.
  2. Urinals tend to stink pretty bad, even if they have those little cake things.
    3a) A little more privacy – if I need to shake off the drips, I don’t feel like I’m “gettin’ it on” out in the open.
    3b) If a shake-off doesn’t do the trick, there’s TP right there to wipe. There’s nothing worse than putting it back in the pants with a bit of wetness.
  3. I eliminate the unpleasant possibility of accidentally getting a peek of something I really didn’t want to see at the urinal next to me.
  4. If I decide that I have to go #2, I’m already in a stall.

Of course, at this point in writing this post, I’m suddenly getting the feeling that I shared a bit too much information. :smack:

What ever is free at the time. Urinal if both are free.

I was tempted to say sink just to get people reactions but was affraid it might come back to huant me.

Except that the hook is usually broken off.