Single Episcopal Men, Beware!

I feel kind of foolish posting this, since it is pretty mundane and pointless, but some of you folks mentioned you were interested.

I’m back at my old church, the one I left last October. It started with a nice letter from our interim priest which led to me going back on a Sunday when he wasn’t there (can I bust him for false advertising?;)). I wound up singing with the choir, and then found up the following Sunday, last Sunday, they’d be singing one of my favorite songs as an anthem. What can I say? I’m back with them, at least through Easter, and probably through a choir festival sometime in May. Regardless of what else has happened, I’ve been reminded that that place is still home to me, and those people are still family.

So, why should single Episcopal men beware? Simple. I mentioned one of the reasons I left was that I wanted a church where there was more than one man my age who was single. In order to keep me there, a few people have offered to try to round up a bunch for me to pick from. Come to think of it, knowing me, they may not limit themselves to Episcopalian. Guys, I’ve now given you advanced warning. Run while you can! :smiley:


How far do I need to run? I’m not real good at running.

How about if I just hide in the closet instead?

Meanwhile, in the Manhattan Federal Building, agent Stone has just been assigned to place another mobster in the Witness Protection Program. Scanning his email quickly he sees that there have been replies to his thread question about Mormons & Law Enforcement.

Suddenly. the post by cjhoworth catches his eye. A church with no single men of a certain age group??? “Excellent…!” he says to himself as he finishes his OJ. He knew he’d finally found a place to stash ‘Jimmy Donuts’…


::starts running::

Wait a second…(checks left hand, sees ring)…oh, that’s right, I’m married!

Oh good - I can catch my breath now. :wink:

You can have my old boyfriend; he’s Episcopalian, very active in his church. An artist. Very nice guy. Let me know and I’ll set it up.

If you’re back at St. A’s, I may have a reason to go back to church! Hmmm, I wonder if my friends could find me a batch of Wiccan gentlemen in my age range (18-24 at the moment). Good luck, and when you’re surrounded by tall, dark, handsome, and intelligent Christian guys all vying for a position by your side, enjoy it! I wish them well!

Breath softly…move slowly and quietly… show no fear. Oh God here she comes! Hey… she’s not bad looking. Smells good too!

Ha! As a (poly)theist (does that mean I believe Polycarp is God?:D) and an engaged male-type person who does not necessarily subscribe to any and/or all of the tenets of Episcopalianism, I am immune ot your … er … wait.

You’re a wimmin. I lik wimmin.

I’m sure we can find some common gro-


I’m engaged. And not only do I like my hunny, I lub my hunny.

Sorry, toots. Maybe another time;)

I remember my friend and I used to go to Mass on Sunday mornings and scope out the cute guys.

How you doin’?


Sounds like my church, except there aren’t any single my age women. I’m attending the same Episcopal church that my ex does but have been thinking of changing, for both those reasons.

I did meet a nice Lutheran woman the other day, but with just one date to our history, it’s too early to say if she’s interested.