If Your Booger Offends Thee, Pick It Out

They may not ever let me back in my church again.

Yesterday I attended church and it was a little more involved than the regular service. In addition to the exchange of the “Peace,” there was the installation of the new vestry members and wardens, and a reception for the visiting Bishop. All in all, I must have spoken and visited with 100 people.

You can imagine my shock, horror, and dismay when, at the end of my visit, I visited the bathroom, took a leak, and then went to the sink to wash my hands only to look in the mirror and see a booger the size of a chunk of coal in my nostril. How it got there I have not a clue (I really do remember blowing my nose before I left my house).

I’m quite sure that I managed to gross out most of my fellow parishoners and several higher-ups in the Episcopal heirarchy.

At least it didn’t fall into the chalice, but I’m still pretty sure I’m going to Hell for this.

Look at it this way Plnnr you gave a bunch of Episcopalians something to chatter about over brunch.

“Did you see the size of that booger hanging out of Plnnr’s nose? It must have been the size of a golf ball! And in front of the Bishop too! Well, I never!”


I wonder if the booger touched the chalice when you drank from it? :eek:

I don’t know why, but suddenly I am feeling better about my son asking if the broken blister on the base of his finger constituted an “open wound or infectious illness” that should prevent him from breaking the bread for the Sacrament.

FTR, It was clean, clipped, clearly not infected and I know he’s rather fastidious about hand washing when it comes to his Sacramental duties. Still I referred him to a higher authority.

Just think, they were looking at your booger when you took their hands in yours, looked them in the eye and said “May the piece be with you…”

I really think your booger is not gonna send US Anglicandom into a tailspin, be the scandal of your own congregation or endanger your immortal soul (the booger being unknown to you rather than deliberately cultivated by you). All this does make me glad my church uses the individual mini-cups at Communion, however! :smiley:

I was at a wedding this past weekend, and someone at my reception table had an exceptionally long nose hair, on the tip of which was a bead of…sweat? mucus? perfectly hanging there. For a loooong time, suspended near his upper lip.

I had no words and would try to look away, but would find myself fixed on that instead.