"Single Ladies" love crushed!

I actually laughed out loud.


Enjoy your day!

I’m trying to figure out where the camera was. It looks like it was being operated by someone sitting on the dashboard directly in front of the driver.

I thought it was operated by the guy driving.

I was afraid you were going to say that. I guess we’re lucky that this didn’t result in a very very different kind of video.

Yeah I didn’t realize that until after a replay.

Poor little guy.
I’ll bet he gets left out of things all of the time.


“I’m sorry buddy…you’re a single lady, ok?” LOL

Poor little guy. The look on the girl in the middle is priceless, all “Lame, Dad, look what you did.”

That was funny. But I’ll never be able to get through Zumba without laughing again!

:camera pans to driver: “I’m a horrible father.” Ha!

Maybe he’s a Taylor Swift fan.