Want to punch an actress

She’s the wife of the driver in the new Chevy Malibu commercial, where her husband is talking about the car’s performance and she drowns him out by singing Spandau Balet’s “True.”

She is so freaking obnoxious. If I were the driver, the last scene would be her dumped on her ass on the sidewalk, and me driving away, having flipped the song from “True,” to Steam’s “(Hey Hey) Goodbye.”

In many states, punching an actress is a crime. Consult a local attorney before punching. :slight_smile:

It’s not just her - the other couple in the back seat are singing as well. If anything, the driver’s being rude by interjecting his unrequested spiel about the car’s performance.

I guess in that sense, the commercial is rude, too, interjecting itself into my TV watching.

Well, the commercial pays for your TV viewing, so they get a pass.

But the woman virtually throws the song in his face. Yeah, ok, maybe he’s yammering about the car. She’s telling him to shut up in the rudest way possible.



Hmmm, surely the rudest possible way would be to say, “Shut up”?

Or, “Shut up, you boring twit, I want to enjoy my life, including this car, not listen to your obsessive metrics”?

Most you’ll get is a ticket. It’s not a felony.

I just wanna slap the folks who came up with the commercial. (Largely because I hate the song, to tell the truth.)

Offer her a part and she won’t mind at all. You could get much more than a punch out of the deal. Maybe even a different kind of punch.

Bricker I love reading (most of) your posts … If you punch her you’ll be in trouble and may not be able to post for a while… No punching!

Strictly speaking, I think Bricker wants to punch a character, not an actress.

That’s probably true. But a character isn’t real. You could almost say that he wants to punch an idea.

And you know, there is a way to - effectively - puch an idea in your own head. It’s called drinking. So my suggestion to you Bricker is to have a good stiff drink. Works wonders.

Look, that woman is far less annoying than the woman in this AT&T commercial.

Ironically, the commercial is calling attention to the omission of what would have been a useful feature in the Chevy Malibu; a driver’s side button that activates the passenger’s side airbag.

“Sing (POOF!) into (POOF!) this (POOF!) Sweetheart.”


Did you miss the beginning of the commercial where he interrupted their Spandau Ballet jam to proseletyze about his new Malibu?

I’m goin’ out,
Goin’ out lookin’ for a cynical girl,
who’s got no use for me in the world,
I’m looking for a cynical girl!

See the second list

Yeah, the wife there is not the dick.

Yeah, I thought the point of the commercial was “Our product is for boring prats who will insist on interrupting people all evening long to talk about something they’re uninterested in.”

Not only did he interrupt Spandau Ballet, but he did it to monologue about something he had already blathered about “all the way to the restaurant.” Yeah, she was a bitch, but he was asking for it.