Single shot music video - ID?

I remember a music video that was one continuous shot, including a person below water in a bath tub. The end joke was that a woman couldn’t get the key into a car door lock, and that supposedly ruined the shot, meaning they would have to start over.

I thought it was bouncy rock-pop, kind of like the old Fastball. I thought actually was Fastball, but it seems I was wrong.

Any ideas? Thanks.

“Wannabe” by the Spice Girls?

Is this the video in question? If so, your initial assumption it was by Fastball was correct.

Exactly!! The singer must have breathed through a tube and had it taken out a few seconds before the camera came in, to have still water in the tub, with him submerged.


Now that your question has been answered, how about my favorite one shot music video Weapon of Choice?

Nice, but there are 8 cuts inside the first 1.5 minutes of the dancing.

Why have you ruined my love? I agree with our former President: Facts are stupid things.