Six Feet Under 7/4

Just had my first opportunity to watch this episode tonight and noticed there wasn’t a topic started.

Couldn’t believe Margaret & Billy teaming up to ambush Claire - this doesn’t bode well. IMHO, Billy could well be the key for the end of the series (if it ends with violence).

George seems to be more stable than Ruth.

How many more episodes before Nate screws George’s daughter?

Rico, doesn’t know when to shut the Hell up.

The surrogate mother, Mary, turned into a mental case (as if we didn’t know that would happen).

Anthony’s older brother will spoil the adoption

I thought that Nate and Brenda finally got their relationship sorted out. Nate realized that Brenda needed to be the mother of his daughter, as well having one of their own.

Must remember: Now showing on SUNDAY, not Monday! Set your VCR/DVI’s!

(Although I assume they repeat during the week.)

I found it sad that Ruth is setting up George in his new apartment, and he doesn’t know it yet. Hopefully, Ruth will change her mind and find the move does them both good…but the way this show is going, I doubt it.

If I were Claire, I would move to Bolivia and change my name. Billy is on the edge and if ever there was someone I wouldn’t want to “love” me, he is tops on the list…despite still looking good in tightly whities. Run Claire, Run!

I have said it in the last several posts, but David and Keith are not good parent material…but let’s see what happens. In real life, I wouldn’t let them adopt a gold fish, let alone a human being - and I am Gay.

I still miss the “better” deaths at the beginning of the shows…the last couple are sort of boring. However, considering this is the last season, my guess is they are trying to lull us into complacency and then shock our pants off when a major character is the death.