SkipMagic! Do you hate sheep?

Way, way premature locking down Hal Briston’s sheep thread, man.

He just had a kid. On a “Sex With Sheep Is fun” thread, that’s comedy gold, man. Plus, we get to see a pic of Lil’ Hal, make some more jokes at the old man’s amorous expense and let the circle come around full 360 as we congratulate Hal.

C’mon. Just keep it open a lil’ while longer? Puhleeeeeeee?

Truthfully, I didn’t see his post about his new lil’ rugrat. I did, however, see the two months-old date before the latest revival post of an already 8-page thread; so, I shot a bolt through the zombie’s head.

That said, in light of Hal’s kiddo, I’ll re-open the thread. It can always be closed later on if it re-zombifies itself; we don’t want to bring it to life too many times.

Wow. That was fast. And totally reasonable, too.

Thanks, Skip.