Slang origin: a-splode

Where did this bastard child of “explode” come from? I usually see it in the form of “my noun a-splode.”

And since I’m always about a year behind any slang or catchphrase generation, and I like etymologies, I got curious.

I think the popular usage is a result of an episode of Strongbad’s Email on the Homestar Runner site.

Ah. That would make sense. Thanks.

Yep, it’s from a Strong Bad email. Specifically, this one.


I thought it was an imitation of the Ricky Ricardo accent from I Love Lucy, and Google says I’m right. Or possibly right. Or rightish.

You are both right. After all, Strongbad started out with a hispanic accent.

“Lucy! You got some 'splodin to do!!!”

(Nott deletes a lame reference to a Splode china teapot upside the head.)